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This 26 year Old Young Pakistani Millionaire Entrepreneur makes 6 Figure by selling Leather Products online

Hamza Nizami, online millionaire entrepreneur Pakistan

The success story of Young Millionaire from Sialkot: From a waiter earning just 2500rs per month one of the biggest international textile exporters, Hamza proved that bright thoughts lead to a better reality.

It’s quite wisely said that success is not achieved when things are done occasionally but only when you do it consistently. Hard work definitely pays off and a living example of the statement is a 26 years old successful entrepreneur from Sialkot named Hamza Nizami. This guy’s story is actually a rollercoaster ride of emotions, failures, devotions and true passion. When you have nothing in hand and no resources you can’t think of putting your thoughts into production but this guy had just one idea and a hell of dedication, with these two factors he had moved mountains and today, stands as a six-figure earning individual with a decent reputation in the industry. It is definitely one of those stories that need to be told to the world out loud, he proved that with self-confidence and true dedication anything is possible. From living in a single room home to becoming one of Pakistan’s leading exporters Hamza has faced a lot of challenges throughout the journey.

Hamza was not born with a silver spoon, he belonged to a lower middle-class family. Financially the circumstances were quite pitiful as the clan was living in a single room and what made it even worse is that they had to sleep on a bed made of dried grass. Having a brought up in such a critical situation Hamza knew that something needs to be done to bring a difference, with just limited exposure the goals were still high for Hamza. Being a mediocre student and experiencing failure multiple times the anxiety began to grow, darkness continued to prevail and as such the future too seem to have nothing out of the box for him.

So he starting looking for work only when he was a student in 10th grade. With absolutely no experience and qualification he was offered a job as a waiter with a very low pay scale of 2500 rs in a local restaurant. Even at this level, he wanted to gain and learn whatever he could in the field. His personal or financial lifestyle was never the reason for any of his failure, in fact, all of this has always motivated him to do so much more. With the passage of time, Hamza tried his skills as a salesman at service shoes yet again at a nominal pay scale, and then as a finance manager in Mobilink.

With these odds jobs and studies simultaneously, Hamza was not actually content with the way things were going, so he decided to try his luck abroad. But that too brought him no luck after his degree achieved he tried once again this time he had his luck in hand and get a job as a technical support manager in Abu Dhabi. However, the job didn’t offer much to him professionally and financially so he decided to quit the job and to move back and start up his own work. He had to fight his failures of the past years and prove that his dreams can be brought into reality.

By now you all might be wondering what Hamza had done in these years to achieve such success, to answer your question simply he followed his dreams. Hamza always dreamed of doing something related to textile, it was his forte but unfortunately, he was not resourceful enough to achieve what he had always wanted. But as they say when there is a will there’s definitely a way, and this hardworking guy stands by the quote. It was high time for Hamza as he had burned all of the bridges so it was do or die. But the question was with absolutely no capital and nothing in hard how is it possible to start up a setup. But since the determination level was touching the skies things started to work for him.

He started his work in leather goods by borrowing money from one of his close friends. He would take orders online through a page on Facebook and with the money borrowed get whatever the stuff was required to be manufactured. With a cash on delivery service, he would get single piece order delivered and return the money to his friend. That being told it was not very easy, he faced a lot of hurdles for these orders. Looking for vendors ready to make customizable stuff at such a small scale was a task in itself, but the hard work kept him going.

Slowly and gradually his clients in the local market begun to exceed. With zero capital invested in the business, he was still able to generate profit and a good reputation. But what made the tables turn for Hamza was when he started getting orders from the international market. He would often invest his time looking for clients abroad and with days and weeks of effort, he was able to get his hands on some of the biggest names in the international market. Today Hamza is exporting his leather accessories to some of the major names in the international fashion market.

Believe it or not but today Hamza owns one of his very own companies where leather accessories are manufactured. It is actually unbelievable and too good to be true, but it actually is very much true, the guy was so consistent that even with zero money in his hands he made himself extraordinary.

Becoming the owner of Markhor leather company along with additional sports good manufacturing section Hamza was able to provide jobs to more 50 individuals, that alone is one of the major breakthroughs of his career. Now, he is a young Millionaire Entrepreneur from Sialkot. It’s very hard to believe that today Hamza is earning in six figures and is additionally playing a vital role in enhancing the export business of Pakistan leading to more revenue for the country.

There is still no stopping for Hamza Nizami and he has some very productive plans in his mind and with his history known there is no doubt that he will be able to pull it off in near future. He plans on working in textile and giving our country one of its very own international retail brand, this is definitely something many of us are looking forward to.

So guys dream big, you don’t need to be perfect, no one is. Hamza taught us that is all about effort and when that effort happens constantly that’s when transformation begins and that’s how big changes happen. As long as you have that passion in you anything in life is achievable.

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