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e-Rozgaar Comsats Wah Center Trainees made $30,000 in just 6 months

E-Rozgaar is a project of the Punjab Information Technology (PITB) and Youth Affairs, Sports, Archeology and Tourism joint venture to promote employment for the youth of Pakistan. It offers the training opportunity for educated unemployed youth which caters self-employment using internet-based freelancing. This wise movement by the chief Minister expedites freelancing skills for about 10,000 people in a year which eventually helps them to earn an honorable living. That program is not just a training program but a revolution that will help generate employment and prepare Pakistan to lead the race of advancements of this world.

This wise initiative aims to drive economic growth in Pakistan by increasing foreign currency flow as well as to boost employment amongst youth. The Punjab government has established e-Rozgaar centers in 36 districts of Punjab. Its aims to constitute 40 centers in 36 districts in Punjab, however, Currently 23 E-Rozgaar centers are active across Punjab and 3500 graduates have earned more than 60 million Rupees.

eRozgaar Wah Cantt Center trainees made $30,000:

Another achievement has been witnessed through E-Rozgaar program in Punjab. E-Rozgaar Wah Cantt center graduates have achieved yet another milestone on earning whopping 30,000 US Dollars in just 6 months after graduating from E-Rozgaar program.

Below are the details of this achievement by E-Rozgaar program graduates from Wah Cantt,

Batch 1 Stats:

Total Graduates: 45
Total Earning: 11,295 USD
Top Earner: Sofia Khalid (4,625 USD)

Batch 2 Stats:

Total Graduates: 98
Total Earning: 19,723 USD
Top Earner: Mehwish Sohail (6,273 USD)

Total Graduates eRozgaar COMSATS WAH: 143
Total Earning eRozgaar COMSATS WAH: Around 31,010 USD / 4,146,037 PKR

The above mentioned top earners are the students of Wah Cantt University. Wah has the highest literacy rate in South Asia and Pakistan. Its literacy rate is about 99%.

Top Earners from E-Rozgaar Program

Students earned a very handsome amount of money after completion of training session through E-Rozgaar scheme. One of the top earners is:

Fatimah Tariq made a whopping amount of $4977 through her tech-based freelance projects. Aniqa Ajmal is also one of the names who has earned $3100 through her expertise in the non-technical course. Mehwish Sohail who is listed one of the top earners through E-Rozgaar program from COMSAT Wah Cantt. This is fortunate that girls are enlightening their careers through this initiative. One of the names among all other girls, Sofia Khalid from COMSAT Wah Cantt, whose mother is battling with cancer, she has opted freelance job online to look after her mother and siblings.

The ultimate purpose of this whole program is to generate revenue and create employment opportunities for those who are educated but unable to find a suitable job/career.

Who is eligible to apply for this program?

This program allows youth to participate who has 16 years of degree and maximum 35 years of age with Punjab domicile preferably to learn professional skills and sell those to international clients through freelancing websites.
The shortlisted candidates get three and a half month of free of charge training in their selected domain from expert trainers at their selected centers.

The program will guide and groom the selected graduates from a variety of backgrounds by empowering them to work as a freelancer through the internet and to contribute to the national economy.

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