4 Startup Mistakes Every Entrepreneur Should avoid – Jason Madiedo

Mistakes Every Entrepreneur should avoid

When we look at CEOs/Presidents of well-developed companies and organizations, do we ever thought that they are just like us? They are simple human beings like us? If they can own a business then why can’t we? Jason Madiedo, CEO at Venta Financial Group, Inc. talking about entrepreneurship in one of his interviews has clearly gave us the idea of how one can be a good entrepreneur. Also he gave us knowledge about the biggest mistakes that a small business owner makes today. Jason Madiedo encourages entrepreneurs of today by simply saying that things which he implemented in his business, you can implement them in yours. All you have to do is think bigger and be better. You have to make yourself believe that it’s absolutely fine to think big. Once you are committed with any organization or any company, you have to focus on ensuring that everything you do is helping in order to impact the business in a positive way, helping to improve what you do. Ensure that you make a strong culture.

Mistakes committed by entrepreneurs

Jason Madiedo pointed out 4 biggest startup mistakes, that a small business owner makes today.

i. Planning

Starting something without planning will not be fruitful at all. A good entrepreneur first plans and then takes steps to start his work. If you will start your business without planning, then you will face problems for which you were not ready, so it will result in loss of your business.

ii. Measurement

Second big mistake is they do not measure. If you will not measure the consumption rate, you will not be able to have a good estimate about your organization’s feature.

iii. Innovation

Third big mistake committed by them is that they do not think big. Once they start any business, they do not come up with innovative ideas to enhance their business.

iv. Discipline

They lack discipline. Jason Madiedo explains it as lacking the ability of thinking 24 hours of your business i.e. How to improve it? How to impact it? To raise yourself as a good entrepreneur you should make sure that all the challenges you’re going to face, you are holding yourself for them. You should always be doing something to make it better. You should be coming with innovative ideas for this purpose.

You should make yourself to believe that “YES YOU CAN THINK BIG”.

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