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Laraib Zamir Young Entrepreneur from Pakistan

Laraib Zamir, A young female entrepreneur in Pakistan

Laraib has emerged among a group of youngsters being capable to work as a multitasking professional in spite of her inabilities. She is a source of inspiration and motivation for young ladies who could not manage to initiate any startup and feel discouraged due to the social issues and other disabilities. In actual Laraib’s career, the start wasn’t cheerful at all, she was taunted due to her stammering tone and she could not manage herself in that situation. There were times at high school when she was discouraged due to her inability to speak fluently, but at present, she has kept her insecurities sideways and has excelled in her career now. At times she faced the degrading behaviour and insulting attitude of people and even her teachers, seniors and classmates couldn’t believe in her strengths. Her stammering and unstable tone was considered as a hurdle in her studies, career choices, even her mentors couldn’t encourage her with this disability. She was quite upset in this situation and her studies got highly affected in this complexed situation. All her decline in studies was due to the attitude and behaviour she faced in her school times. She couldn’t share her problem with her family so they wouldn’t get upset also. She got a serious setback at this phase of her life and got serious illness meanwhile, as she couldn’t discuss the real situation with her family.

For almost two years she managed in this scenario and cried enough because of her disability which was regarded by others as her weakness. After matriculation, she gathered and managed herself trying to prove others wrong in their perception. She got the opportunity to explore her interests and work for her passion. She was among the youngest people to explore the networking career and with time she proved herself worthy. She had a keen interest in technology devices, mobiles, laptops and gadgets were her main source of inspiration at that time. She was interested to discover the mechanism and working force behind these technology devices instead of just using them. In her childhood, she gathered around such devices and technology gadgets to repair them and fix their issues. At that time she realized that her main concern and interests are towards networking side, so she took a step forward towards this field.

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After matriculation, she was inclined to find her happiness in the networking side, where she could discover her strengths and use her best abilities. So, instead of choosing medical, engineering, teaching or accounting professions, she showed her deep interests in networking profession. Starting her intermediate with a common line was not her main focus, instead, she chooses a new line for her future prospects. She really wanted to explore her passion and asked her parents to help her continue her studies in networking. She gave online exams and got success with time. After a time of one and a half year, she got the opportunity in an organization named channel 5, where she did a job for almost 7 months as a networking administrator.

She left the job and tried her career at city 42 channels, but at this stage, she thought to use her strengths and abilities somewhere, where she could get the scope of her career and work with dedication. Then she tried to explore her abilities more and practised with online tutorials and attended workshops to get awareness and practised more working at home. Gradually she came to know about programming and use of languages. In the field of information technology, she wanted to enter the arena of Arfa Karim Software technology house hoping as a dream come true. She used to imagine herself working in that environment and got selected in biscuit program at Arfa Karim where basic programming, language codes and mobile applications were instructed there. Although she lied to get admissions showing herself as a matriculation student in that place. It was, in fact, her entrance into her dream place where she could find the scope in her career and getting the benefit to learn something from Arfa Karim was all she wanted. Before applying there, she had applied in Plan 9 and got the interview call from Plan 9 team during her biscuit program sessions. She was appreciated there, was interviewed by Osama Tauqeer, got selected and was referred the internship to achieve her interests. After few question sessions, she started her startup journey and got the chance to explore a new horizon to her career.

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To execute a startup was not an easy task; she got her family support and wanted to set up a workplace. There were chances of failure in her initialization; she got limited financial investment from her father keeping in view the outcomes of both failure and success.

Laraib Zamir in Plan9 Entrepreneur magazine

With the support of her father and moral courage, Laraib was able to take an initiative in her career approach. Plan 9 gave her the platform to show up her abilities in an inauguration ceremony of her startup where she promoted her vision. Although there was much competition in the marketplace, she struggled hard and got the support of her team members in carrying out a successful venture. They worked with the vision to promote a clear image of programming in the market to aware the masses about the use of this technology. Her passion for technology and music paid off, as she struggled hard to achieve even the most difficult tasks.

Although faced much criticism in the field of networking being a girl, but she kept on working with enthusiasm to prove others wrong in this perception. She faced few setbacks, failures and managed to learn from the mistakes and executed her plans correctly afterwards. She got the abilities to give a positive impact to others with her work and efficiency. Working as a one-woman-show with a team of young instructors and professionals and developers with high efficiencies and excellent working. She has been blessed with a perfect combination of young, dedicated professionals with a supportive and understanding attitude. They could collaborate easily to achieve high standards and work in a positive environment for better results. Working with 12 members team, she could overcome her weaknesses, could set up herself as a multitasking professional.

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Laraib4Laraib finally overcame her inability to stammer in her tone and came forward as a motivational speaker, inspirational personality for others. She works as an instructor to incorporate with business professionals too and has designed even a business model for a company. It is all due to her perseverance and consistent behaviour; she has been able to explore herself as a change maker. She has preferred Pakistan over other foreign countries to prove herself as a progressive and positive change maker in this society. She wants to work for women empowerment and youth could benefit from her experiences and platform could be helpful for other youngsters.

She has the primary focus to create awareness and proper platform for others, where each person could act as an entrepreneur on their own. She has been presently working with many collaborative companies and has the aim to work as a graphic designer, front-end developer, back-end developer and programming genius.