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Waqar Zaka Celebrating New Year’s In Syria. Where Are You Celebrating?

Waqar Zaka in Halep, Kilis, Aleppo, syria on new year

Waqar Zaka has set an example for all the Pakistanis and even the governments of Muslim worlds who are doing nothing to support the people of Aleppo, Syria. He spent New Year’s in Aleppo, spending time with the people and giving out donations. It’s not an adventure reality show because he is there all alone wearing a T-shirt endorsed with our national flag. He is there telling the people of Syria that Pakistanis are by their side on our behalf, on behalf of this government who is not doing anything to support him. His reality shows are often featured by ‘Express Tribune’ and ‘The Dawn News’ but these efforts by him are not being featured by anyone. He is been doing other efforts of the like previously as well.

Many Pakistani people are giving him donations for this cause and he has their names in the record and every time he gives out an amount, he announces the name of the donor. But he is very disappointed in Pakistani media to not give him the level of support he needs right now. More and more people need to know so there can be a mass influence and more donations are made. The government is silent. Major influential political parties are silent. He has taken a step many social working organizations haven’t been able to take. As a nation and as an ummah, he doesn’t require criticism. People like him need our support.

He is giving out money, warm clothes and he is taking out homeless people out of Aleppo and giving them homes in Kilis. These are rented homes and he is providing for their rents through various charities. You can also contribute in their rents.

Our newsfeeds are flooding with people who are partying in Dubai, Miami and New York. But does this extravaganza give peace to our hearts? Even if you can’t go to Aleppo and help those shattered and homeless souls, least you can do is donate.  He has made Pakistan the first country to have a TV anchor go to Syria without any NGO or TV Channel support. The motive is to provide food, clothes as well as shelter. Many people want to donate but are in doubts about the fact whether this charity would reach there or not. So just visit Waqar Zaka Foundation and Generosity where you can get all the information about the procedure and assurance that you need. Just go ahead and set an example so more and more people follow your lead. Celebrate the right way.