Virtual Reality in E-commerce has finally come to Pakistan

Virtual Reality in Ecommerce Pakistan

Virtual reality is software that portrays an environment for the user so that he or she feels it is actually real. Recently, it has been getting a lot of popularity in different aspects. It is being used a lot in gaming; several companies have come out with Virtual Reality headsets to enhance the gaming experience. Similarly, virtual reality is now entering the eCommerce market as well. Basically, people usually prefer going into physical store to purchase groceries or other things they need. But with virtual reality, they can just make any purchase from the comfort of their home while having the real shopping experience.

Pakistan’s First Virtual Reality Ecommerce Store: 

All over the world, there are big Internet giants like Amazon and Alibaba who are diving into the virtual reality concept for their online shopping to improve their customers’ experience. Similarly, Pakistan’s leading online store, is the first store to bring this concept of virtual reality to the country. With the growing technology and a high demand for it all over the world, they felt it was necessary to introduce the concept in Pakistan as well, where people are now broadening their minds and preferring a technological way to traditional ways. Rather than fitting a trip to the grocery store every week or so in an already busy schedule, this helps save a lot of time.

They have collaborated with RetinaVR to make the virtual reality experience possible for the people of Pakistan. The way this concept works is that they have designed a tour in the virtual reality of a Unilever store that features different projects of the company. By clicking on different products in different categories, the customer’s are taken to that specific product available on the website and from there, customers can go ahead with their purchases. There are around more than 15 Unilever products that the customers can choose from.

This is going to prove to be quite revolutionary for Pakistan’s economy. Pakistan is already moving forward quite quickly in the online shopping business and with virtual reality added to the online shopping experience that is going to broaden the horizon for online businesses. Most people are still uncomfortable with the idea of online shopping because they do not know whether the product that is being advertised will be true to the picture or not. They are afraid of being a victim to fraudulent websites. But the introduction of virtual reality in e-commerce, thanks to, in Pakistan will get rid of every doubt that people have about the concept of purchasing goods and services online. This may even help in expanding the customer base for online shopping.

However, now with virtual reality easily accessible by a large proportion of the public, it will be easier for people to shop online. They will be able to see and experience the look of the actual product before they choose to be redirected to the website to purchase the goods they need.

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