Easypaisa launched EasyPay for Ecommerce Customers & Sellers in Pakistan

Easypaisa Online Payment Gateway

Online payment solutions have been revolutionized in the past few years in Pakistan also. Worldwide there is a use of online order and payment methods. Customers use to shop online and pay cash on delivery at their doorstep with efficient online payment methods. Due to the increase in internet users and online sellers, the trend of paying through online payment gateway is most common now.

Easy paisa has turned out to be the most reliable source of making payments online. There are obviously some other payment options available like bank cheques, hard cash or bank transfer but they can be risky and time-consuming too. Retailers and traders now want to enjoy the benefits of best online payment methods. It is easy to access with a mobile phone anywhere you want. With the demand in online selling and internet vendors, the eCommerce industry needs to introduce most effective online payments solutions.

What is EasyPay:

Easy pay is the best source to make payments without any inconvenience to vendors, sellers and even other merchants. Easypay is Pakistan’s First complete online payment gateway for eCommerce customers and sellers. Some of the most reliable features are:

  • Best payment method
  • No additional charges
  • Major eCommerce tools available
  • Automatic checking of payments and transfers
  • Payment reports at your reach

How Easypaisa Online Payment Works:

But the point lies here, how the easy paying method will work? First, you need to check out the website then look for account opening online. The retailers can sign up for easy paisa account; this will help in their online store business. Easy paisa solutions can help out any Pakistani through ecommerce on the website.

One can then select easy paisa as a payment option; a page will be opened where further details will be required then. Easy pay offers payment through two methods:

  1. Mobile account easy paisa payment
  2. Making payment at easypaisa shop

If chosen the easy paisa shop option, give your required details to easy pay. Since you are the seller, so you will give your phone number and email address and a token number will be provided to you by easy pay. The buyer will then go to the shop and then will give a token number to easy paisa shop and will deposit some money and that’s it.

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Same information as yours will be delivered to the buyer in form of email or text. The buying person will get a receipt against the token number for a safe transaction. The selling person can then make arrangements for sending orders and any products to the buyer.

Paying through easy paisa mobile account method is much easier as it will be less consuming without going to the easy paisa shop. Payments will be made instantly through this method.

After selecting mobile account payment option, Buyer will be asked for the mobile number and email address. After entering the details, the buyer will receive a notification with payment information. After entering mobile account secret PIN number, the buyer will make payment. There will be no deduction from easy paisa account during this method.

At the first screen appearing on your mobile, you have to agree upon the amount you are paying and then you have to confirm a PIN for payment confirmation.

After entering PIN, the transaction process is complete and funds being transferred to the merchant. Since merchant will be notified about the payment also.

Benefits of using EasyPaisa Online Payment Gateway:

The benefits of this service are many

  • No service charges or transaction fee
  • Merchants can get the money instantly; there will be no delaying in this process
  • Millions of easy paisa mobile accounts are actively working and many easy paisa outlets are operating all over the country
  • Secure service for both buyers and merchants
  • Completely automatic and authorized method

If you want this online method, reach out to easy paisa online payment method.