Urooj Iqbal: An inspiring story of Perseverance and Hard-work

Urooj Iqbal, Management consultant, trainer from Pakistan

Copyright: Urooj Iqbal (Management Consultant & Entrepreneur)

Life often gives you another chance to get up and move forward. Sometimes obstacles may cause hindrance in your way, but be ‘focused’, show ‘patience’ and ‘perseverance’. This is what Urooj Iqbal has to say about the ingredients leading to a successful future. Urooj Iqbal has been serving as a ‘Chief Commercial Officer’ and a business partner in Ashraf Chaudhry Associates since the year 2014.

She did Telecom Engineering from FAST-NUCES Karachi and graduated as a Telecom engineer. She chose engineering to be her field as Physics & Math’s was her favourite subject, so it led her to be an engineer. After graduating she did MBA (4 years) in the field of ‘Advertising & Marketing’. A completely different field awaited her in future since she chose management side to pursue her career in the business field. Management often complements engineering and makes a perfect combination. She wanted to do something in her own field of Telecom Engineering but things didn’t go well and circumstances didn’t allow her to do that thing which she wanted in that field. So she proceeded with MBA and chose the business side for her professional growth. Doing jobs at various companies have been a life changing experience for her where she faced different challenges and setbacks and finally got the opportunity to work at Ashraf Chaudhry Associates initially as ‘Head of Recruitment Division’. Now she is an expert in Marketing & Sales Department and working as a mentor for other team members.

She was passionate about sharing knowledge with others in every aspect and helping as a trainer and coach in different fields and skill development. She was keenly interested in learning diversified subjects and wanted to explore things in a unique manner. Usually, the way in which she wanted to see those things. Engineering was her initial selection to experience quite diversified horizon in the future. According to her engineers have polished analytical skills and a diversified background. She was often asked how she managed to handle engineering management, marketing & sales, recruitment and advertising side by side. Since school and college, she used to motivate others and give motivational speeches for inspiring others. Her future plans were to be a motivational speaker, mentor, coach, trainer and she has achieved till now what she desired. She loves to train others, help and train her team members and coach the job seekers in seeking a suitable job for themselves.

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In the path to success she faced many challenges and circumstances in her life, sometimes setbacks and often discouragement from others. Main difficulties she came through were regarding no recognition, no talent appreciation in her work field. But she kept on struggling and finally got the right path according to her strengths. In this process of hard work, she recognized her strengths and learned something new at each step. Sometimes others led down you to work according to their desires but keep on focusing and finally life gives you a chance to show your abilities and skills. At Ashraf Chaudhry Associates she was given full authority to work according to her will & strengths. Usually, nobody cares to train others and give a chance to explore your inner strengths, she was fortunate to be given an established path way towards a successful future. She got a huge learning platform and Mr Chaudhry has been a mentor in each step and gave her opportunities to learn and achieve. Her failure according to her was that she studied engineering and didn’t achieve success in that field. But try taking risks and nature can create wonders for you. She kept on focusing on her strengths not knowing what would happen further. Initially, at Ashraf Associates she worked continuously on assignments with a crucial time and client follows up. But eventually, she ended up with huge success as she burned the midnight oil to achieve success. She was proactive and vigilant in her work, conducted various seminars, marketing sales development and developed her own team of professionals. With such a huge platform she had been able to generate more than 1 million business in the first year and in the year 2015, she generated about 4-5 million for her company. Within a span of two years, she was finally in a position to get a six figure earning. Her core strengths being a management consultant, recruitment officer has marked her name in her field.

Other company CEO’s and senior management recommended Urooj Iqbal to the recruitment clients as she can handle the cases easily. She achieved what she wanted from life and her mother was a source of motivation for her also. Urooj Iqbal is one of those persons who aren’t easily demotivated and with opportunities she has proved others wrong who discouraged her. Even her failures led her to stand up and move forward with more focused lifestyle. She doesn’t call her failures as failures rather she learns from her mistakes. She has been a satisfied person with her work and never gets hopeless. Every failure has been a learning phase for her, leading her to develop new solutions to her problems. Setbacks often lead to a positive pathway in future.

According to her many factors in her life have been her biggest achievement. She is the only engineer and MBA professional in her family. At this stage, she has achieved more than she desired and is hoping to achieve more. Studying at a top university being an average student had been an achievement. She kept her obstacles sideways and turned her failures to success. Her biggest achievement in life is she can turn any task into productive one with her skills and expertise. Since 2014 being in a business scenario, she is working as a business partner with a courage and source looking forward. Her failures have led her to be more inspiring and motivated towards her work. Life gave her chances to avail and she managed to do justice with her profession and being a passionate person she achieved the highest level in her life.