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Ufone Offers 3200 MBs Internet with Super Card Plus on Eid

Everyone is busy these days in his own life and in his own routine but being Muslim, we feel proud to have such exciting events that keep us connected with our loved ones. On this Eid-ul-Fitr, let’s plan to wish every single person in the contacts list so as to make them feel special. Sending a text message isn’t enough as it has become quite boring these days. So plan something different for your friends and family! A great idea is to download the best images and GIFs related to Eid and to wish them in a very exciting way.

You can also download Eid related videos or funny clips to make your loved ones laugh and spread the fun. If your friends, siblings or other family members live far away, you can wish them Eid on video calls.

For these things and to wish your contacts list in the most exciting way, you definitely need a huge bundle of internet, free minutes and SMS. Don’t worry; Ufone has brought a solution to keep you in touch with the people. You don’t have to get worried that your MBs will get finished! However, you will have extra MBs to browse the internet and to have a big fun.

Ufone has brought “EIDI OFFER” for you on this Eid ul Fitr.


You have to follow two simple steps to avail this super exciting Eid Offer.

Step 1- From your Ufone Prepaid number, you have to dial *3434#.

Step 2- Once you receive the confirmation message, you have to go to the nearest retailer shop and to buy SUPER CARD PLUS in Rs. 599. Woooo Hoooo, there you go! You will get 3200MBs free as Eidi by Ufone.

What’s included in Ufone Free Internet offer?

In your EIDI offer, you get a big deal for free MBs, SMS and free minutes. More specifically, you get the following things in this EIDI OFFER:

  • 3200 MBs
  • 1200 SMS
  • 180 all-network minutes
  • 1200 on net/ PTCL minutes


  • You can avail UFONE EIDI OFFER only on recharge of SUPER CARD PLUS that is in Rs.599.
  • The resources of this deal that are free on the net and off-net minutes, free MBs and free SMS will be valid only for 30 days and then, these will expire.
  • Keep in your mind that you cannot avail this offer by dialing *250#.
  • You can avail EIDI OFFER from 12th to 18th June 2018. So, hurry up before the offer gets expired!

Terms and conditions:

There are some terms and conditions regarding this EIDI OFFER. These terms and conditions are the following:

  • Offer is available for eligible prepaid customers only. Postpaid customers cannot avail EIDI OFFER. By an Eligible prepaid customer, it means those who recharge super card plus either through a physical card or through EVC.
  • You can only avail this offer if you dial *3434# prior to recharging super card plus.
  • The resources of this offer will remain valid only for 30 days.
  • You SIM must be approved through biometric verification system.