Trequant raised 3,500$ From its Kickstarter Campaign in First 40 Hours

Trequant, a healthcare startup from Pakistan, recently launched its KickStarter campaign and raised $3,590 as pledge in just 40 hours from 62 backers.

Trequant tremor wearable watch by Pakistani Entrepreneur

The campaign started on May 16, 2016 and is supposed to generate 35,000$ till June 20, 2016. Raising $3,500+ in such a short period of time has been considered a good achievement so far by the experts. Trequant worked on its prototype for 2 years before going for crowdfunding. It is not the first time that any Pakistani startup is raising funds through KickStarter, however, the good response from the backers for Trequant is unprecedented. Trequant also achieved success on many other platforms. It was a runner-up at FICS 2015 and was also selected for the i2i Challenge Cup’s Regional Finals in Dubai. It has also won numerous awards and prize money amounted to Rs. 30 Million. Let’s have a look at how Trequant started and how it works.

How trequant tremor Wearable watch Works

How trequant tremor Wearable Works

Trequant, is the brainchild of Fawad Bhatti, who is a NUST graduate and has a family history of Essential Tremors and Parkinson’s disease. He wanted to provide relief to his uncles who have been suffering with ET for a long time. He discussed possible solutions of ET with his brother who is a Movement Disorder Specialist and came up with the idea of tremor detection and tracking device. He made a team and started working on his unique idea. They created a wristwatch with an installed monitoring device to track ET patient’s tremors and their pattern. It can be synced with the user’s smartphone through Bluetooth. The tremor quantifying device tracks and analyzes the patterns. The data is saved on cloud and is shared with the doctor and family members later. It helps the patients to do an effective self assessment and keep the people updated who care about them. The device records data 24/7.

The aim of the campaign is to collect 35,000$ to bring the product to wider audiences and bring more improvements in its features to identify tremor anomalies in a better way. It hopes to change the lives of 220 million people around the world who have been suffering with ET and Parkinson’s disease. Trequant is a true inspiration to all the struggling startups in Pakistan.

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