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Top 10 Young Pakistani’s which are inspiration for Youth

For every country, Youth is its most important asset. Fortunately, the youth of Pakistan has always been in the limelight for their brilliance and outstanding performances in different fields of life. Be it science, technology, social work, arts or medical, you’ll find these youngsters breaking through the barriers and attaining success, making Pakistan proud around the globe. In this article, we’ve shared stories of some young individuals who conquered their fears and crossed every obstacle in their way, and hence today they are an inspiration for not only other Pakistanis but also for people all over the world.

Muhammad Sabir - Inspirational Pakistani Guy

Muhammad Sabir:

Muhammad Sabir’s journey from rags to riches took off when he started paying attention to the snippets of newspapers from the trash he used to pick every morning. There was no tradition of gaining the education in his community as he belonged to slums. He was the first one who attended a Govt school along with managing his job as a trash picker. After facing numerous obstacles, Sabir was finally able to graduate from CIMA after which he was selected for a leadership program by the Atlantic Council in 2012. This was a turning point in Sabir’s life after which he’s been attending several other fellowship programs around the globe along with working for the betterment of his slums community.

Abdul Majid Qureshi - Pakistani social and charity worker

Abdul Majid Qureshi:

Abdul Majid Qureshi hails from Peshawar and is an IT expert by profession. Unlike the majority of youngsters of this country who just waste their time on social media in useless activities, Majid decided to use it for a noble cause. He started helping the unprivileged of his city as a social worker and showcased his activities on Facebook through videos. This provoked many other people of the same age group and within no time Majid’s circle of volunteers outgrew. They started distributing money, ration, clothes and food among the deserving families and individuals. Majid wishes that the youth of Pakistan from all over the country must come forward and render their services for such causes.

Amrah Inam - Inspirational Pakistani Artist

Amrah Inam:

Amrah is a self-taught artist, a freelance graphic designer and a science junkie. For Amrah, nothing is useless as she turns everything into art through her brilliant creativity and artistic approach. And that’s not it, she also possess the skill of recycling waste. In her final project of biotechnology, she synthesized biodiesel from mango peel and kernel with nanoparticles. She believes in being innovative rather than just rot learning the curriculum. Amrah is on her way of starting online art courses for those who want to learn but can’t do so as people consider the field of arts impractical, along with managing her own job.

Rameez Mumtaz - Pakistani social worker and young leader

Rameez Mumtaz:

Very few people have the courage of actually doing something for others rather than just saying about making a difference. Rameez Mumtaz is one of them. He decided to provide an end to the sufferings of people in times of natural calamities and accidents when he was mere as a school student. He, along with his friends used to visit the affectees of 2005 earthquake to provide them with maximum help in form of food and clothes. Today, Rameez is successfully running his organization “Green Volunteers” which aims to provide relief to people in the hours of need with its branches all over the world. He is also known as best Social workeer in Islamabad.

Samrana Ayub - Women activist from Chitral

Samrana Ayub: (Women Activist from Chitral)

Samrana Ayub is a Social Worker from Chitral where the literacy rate is relatively higher than the other major cities of Pakistan. Especially when it comes to women, the literacy rate is above 52% but still, a lot of women are not able to continue their education and facing a lot of other issues. Samrana believes that these women can easily play their role in the development of not only Chitral but of the whole Pakistan in an excellent manner and so, she has taken up the task of empowering women. She went to Islamabad to get her bachelor’s degree which made her realize that still many other girls of her area aren’t allowed to pursue their education. So upon returning to Chitral, she started fighting for the rights of the women there. She believes her efforts will definitely bear fruit in near future. She is working on educating women more about how they can make good use of their education and get to play their role in the progress of this country. She is fighting for 100% literacy rate for women in Chitral.

Noor Sajjad - Young Pakistani Activist

Noor Sajaad:

Noor is an undergraduate who believes in working rather just criticizing. According to Noor, bashing the government is much easier than supporting them and doing something better for your country. She’s working towards making people aware of their responsibilities as the citizens of this nation so that they may cooperate with the government in making Pakistan a far better place to live. She says that instead of making propagandas against the government, we should focus on highlighting the social issues and work together to find their solutions. This way, we can contribute a lot to improving the state of this country.

Mushahid Shah - Pakistani rock climber

Mushahid Shah: (Rock Climber)

Mushahid is a CS graduate and a professional rock climber with 2 gold and 2 silver medals in Inter University rock climbing championship, along with securing his position as the HEC player for three years. Mushahid’s journey as a climber took off in 2013 when he participated in HEC Intervarsity Rock Climbing Championship and won a silver medal. After this, his success knew no bounds as he won several medals under the guidance of some experienced climbers. In January 2015, he experienced severe injuries due to falling from 30 feet high cliff into Neela Saandh, but even this couldn’t stop him from performing. Mushahid is currently waiting to represent Pakistan in the 300km expedition towards the Arctic region.

Muhammad Usman Awan - Pakistani social activist

Muhammad Usman Awan: (A Social Activist)

Women harassment has been one of the major issues that have been prevailing in our country for as long as one can remember. The oppressors take advantage of women’s helplessness and harass them in various ways at various places including public transports, educational institutes, workplaces, markets etc. Usman Awan is one such individual who wants to instil the sense of protection among women so that they may raise their voices against any sort of sexual harassment. He plans on conducting campaigns in universities all over the country where girls would be taught how to handle themselves in any such situation.

Aaliyaan Chaudhary - fiverr top seller

Aaliyaan Chaudhary:

The increasing trend of freelancing and making money online has benefitted many young individuals who focus hard on polishing their skills. Aaliyaan Chaudary started his career as a WordPress developer on Fiverr, where he used to create gigs regarding youtube promotions and designing custom themes with his strong coding skills. Within not time he started getting gazillions of orders due to his top-notch work and now he is one of the top rated sellers on Fiverr. He has also launched a project named “The Logical Pakistan” through which he’ll highlight the social issues along with promoting the talented young souls of this country.

Zahra Abbas - Motivational Speaker

Zahra Abbas:

Not everybody has the talent of working and progressing in their career with a natural disability. Zahra was born with the deformity of all four limbs. Life was indeed exceptionally hard for her but this didn’t stop her from growing. With her family’s immense support, she started writing with her elbows and was given a gold medal in her matriculation boards by CM Punjab Shehbaz Sharif as a special prize. She then cleared her MBA from Punjab University and is currently working in a Management, Development and Consultancy organization. She made her disability her strength and wishes that her story would encourage many other children who do not pursue their dream because of their disabilities.