A Saudi-Palestinian company creates a Solar Powered Umbrella “Kafya” for Muslims Pilgrims

A Saudi-Palestinian company recently creates a solar powered umbrella for the Muslim pilgrims. The umbrella, known as “Kafya”, is built-in with a fan, flashlight, and navigation system.

Kafya Solar powered umbrella for muslim pilgrims

Photo Credits: Tribune

The multi-purpose umbrella is specially created for the people going on Hajj. As they cannot perform their rituals properly carrying heavy loaded bags with important stuff. But now, the problem is solved with the help of the smart umbrella. The pilgrims can have different facilities in just a parasol.

The umbrella is built-in with solar panels. These solar panels absorb sunlight and convert it into electrical energy. The electrical power is stored in the handle of the umbrella. Later on, this electrical power is used to run features like a fan, flashlight, and navigation system. One can find the buttons on the handle to operate these functions. The handle has also got three USB outlets. These outlets are used to charge mobile phones and other electronic gadgets.

According to the company, the GPS system is specially designed for the pilgrims to help them locate each other.

The smart multi-purpose umbrella is indeed a great invention. The investors are now busy in promoting their product and finding customers for their unique parasol.


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