She Safe app for Women safety Launched by PTI in KPK

she safe mobile app by PTI in KPK

SHE SAFE App is a project of Matrix Intech and PTI specially designed for the personal safety of women and their families, round the clock.

SHE SAFE App is a personal security app fashioned to keep women protected when they are out and about doing their jobs and running errands. It is absolutely devoid of any kind of charges. Furthermore, it puts safety in women’s own hands. There are multiple features offered by this app providing you with everyday security as well as real-time emergencies.

It functions like SOS messages. Women would be able to send emergency alert texts to all the members in their circle in case of any insecurity or emergency. Alert will be sent by sent by pressing a button on their phone. Being online or offline does not matter for the app to function.


  • You can create groups, called “Circles” with your family or other close acquaintances.
  • Locations of the Circle members can be visualized on a private family map that’s only visible on Family Locator.
  • It automatically updates you with alerts when Circle Members arrive at or leave destinations. It spares you the need of texts or calls to ask about their whereabouts.
  • Real-time Betray Alerts for security.


PTI has been accused of harassment incidents taking place at their political campaigns, jalsas and rallies hence they aren’t considered safe for women. Therefore women do not actively participate in the campaigns due to their own reservations as well as restrictions by their families.

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These incidents can take place anywhere but to remove the allegation PTI has worked actively in the launching of the app to support the women. They have worked with the developers to devise a sound technological solution to ensure the safety of women so they can actively support a national cause as well as feel safe and secure.

  • Campaign’s security in-charge automatically gets alerts if the women face such difficulties. You can send messages online or offline.
  • Security in-charge will be enabled with a map showing security people as red dots while others as green dots. He/she will be able to visualize the exact location of the sender as soon as the message is received and mobilize the nearest security personnel to investigate the matter and take action promptly.
  • PTI has made it necessary for all the female participants to install this app in their phones.


This feature enables women to call the police as soon as something is about to happen and will be aided immediately by the police.

There a few simple steps you need to follow:

  1. Download the app.
  2. Register yourself.
  3. Use the mobile app to raise the SOS alert.
  4. Alert immediately reaches the Verification Call Center.
  5. Police and the Circle members get the alerts and reach the victim.

This app will be connected with the Cybercrime department as well as the Police. This app helps those women to register harassment cases who abstain from going to police stations.

SHE SAFE app also addresses to the women facing issues of wrong calls and text messages. In addition to that harassment cases on social media sites which are against the cybercrime laws of Pakistan, are confidentially addressed.

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Download this app and inform your mothers, sisters, wives about it because it is a solution to a million problems women are facing these days.