Microsoft Developers Saqib Shaikh develops app for Blinds

Blind Microsoft employee Saqib Sheikh develops application that help blinds to see around.

Saqib Shaikh is one of those amazing people are chosen by God in order to help the humanity. In your life, you would meet a lot of people who do not give a dime to what others think and feel about various stuff. You would also meet such people who ensure that the other person feels and senses good just because of you.  Saqib Shaikh belongs to the latter category. Although he is blind, he has come up with such an amazing idea, which has helped millions of visually incapable people all over the world. Being a blind, he could feel what other visually incapable people must have gone though in their daily lives and this made him come up with something that would make their lives worthwhile. He has tried to come up with a plan that would make the lives of blind people easier and convenient.

Saqib Shaikh develops app for Blinds

Saqib Shaikh Talking about his app for Blinds at Microsoft Build 2016 Conference

Something for the visually impaired, finally:

Technology is that one thing that keeps us going these days. A lot of people find it difficult to start their day without scrolling through their facebook wall once they wake up in the morning. Posting each and every update on internet has become a fashion. However, keeping in mind the fact that people are obsessed with technology, one cannot forget the fact that technology is also something we definitely need in our life to make it easier. You get to complete so many tasks of your everyday because internet is there for your help and assistance. But, what about those who can’t use their eyes to see what’s happening around? How do they use the technology and make their lives easier? Saqib Shaikh, who himself lost his sight when he was mere seven years old had the capability to not only think in this perceptive but also to come up with a solution to this problem. He used artificial intelligence in order to ensure that the people who cannot see through their eyes get each and every information about technology using his plan. This made him to come up with API by Microsoft that works to translate each and everything happening in this world is translated into a message that is heard by the people who are unable to actually see the happening around them.

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The work technique:

Saqib who himself works in the Microsoft company came up with this idea when he started thinking about the people who are just like him in terms of physical disabilities. This compelled him to make an application that would help them in listening to what is happening in the world rather than watching it that they cannot do. With the help of a video, Saqib explained how the physically disabled people would be able to live a better a life using this application. What actually will happen through this video is that there will be an eye dog in it which would be digital. If a blind person goes somewhere and cannot understand what is around him, all he needs to do is to take a picture of that place and the application will give a description of what it is. A voice from the application will come out that the person using it will hear through an earplug. The voice will demonstrate the image in the clearest way possible and will let the listener make an image of that place in his mind. The same thing goes with when he reaches a place that he cannot seem to identify. He cannot comprehend where he has reached. At that point, he will use this application to take a picture and it will demonstrate it in an audio. This process will let the person using this application find the correct way.

Making life easier:

The application as shown to the higher committee this week with the help of a video in a conference that was held in San Francisco. During the event, a video was shown to the executives in whom the working of this application developed by him was elaborated in the best possible manner. The whole process of a blind person taking a picture of a thing or a place that he consider ambiguous and the transmission of the data is explained. People who use smartphones can use this application is the best possible manner because it has been created for the smartphones actually. If the application works well and is taken hand to hand, other ways of providing it to the one who need it will be though about. The best thing about this application is the fact that is a person is moving around and is using it, the applications will sensor what is happening around him and at the same time, it will witness the people around him. This will transfer the information to the transmitter from where it will be converted into a voice. That voice will be sent to the person using this app and he will be able to make an image in his mind of the place where he is traveling.

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The security and support:

The best thing about this application is that it will enhance the security of the people who cannot protect themselves like a normal person, as they are visually incapable. With the help of this application, families that have to support and protect their visually impaired members will be able to let them go out on their own without having to guard them all the time. In addition to that, if a visually impaired person goes off for shopping alone, he or she will be able to make a wise choice, as they will be able to make an image of that product in their mind using this application and making a picture of the product. Alongside, eating in a restaurant and choosing what they want to eat will become far easier than before.

This application can be considered as a breakthrough idea and that uses the artificial intelligence in the best possible way. Now, we can say that the advancement in technology is actually doing something to help the people and make the world a better place.