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After Chai Wala this ‘Rickshaw Wala’ is the new Internet sensation

Asif Khan Rickshaw WalaAfter ‘chai wala’ , this ‘rickshaw wala’ is the new hunk in the town. Meet Asif Khan, a young handsome lad from Kurram Agency, who’s a rickshaw driver and has a story to tell you. Before Zarb e Azab he sadly lost his father to the tyranny of Taliban. Asif was a student of intermediate but he had to drop out of college as he was the eldest child and all responsibility fell upon his shoulders. He worked hard trying to make ends meet so the rest of his family could survive and his siblings could continue their education.

Asif Khan Rickshaw Wala

Eventually he left his home and set out for Islamabad to find better options for himself. He washed dishes at a restaurant and worked as a laborer on daily wages too. Now he drives a rickshaw.

This guy Khurram noticed the unsung songs in his mesmerizing eyes and motivated him to get his photo shoot done. Rehan and Razi Aslam are the two photographers who featured him. People have been interviewing him and man! Is he going viral now?! Is he going to be the new media sensation? His bewitching handsomeness is sure going to allure you and he is our new eye candy without a doubt. Check for yourselves and see what the buzz is about!

Asif Khan Rickshaw Wala

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Rickshaw Wala with his Team

Asif Khan Rickshaw wala with team
Rickshaw wala with Khuram, Rehan and RJ Bilal