FixIt Campaigner Alamgir Khan introduced Public Fridges to feed the poor

The Public Fridge campaign is one of its kind initiative taken by a resident of Karachi who aims to eradicate hunger from the country. One of the main issues that the people living in Pakistan are dealing with is the lack of enough food to eat. According to the reports, half of the population of Pakistan is actually living under the line of poverty. This means that they are even poorer than the poor people are. They find it difficult to get their hands on the right amount of food to be eaten. In addition to that, what makes the issue worse is the fact that the politicians and the influential people of the country seem not to be worried about it at all. All of their attention is in the process of making more money and coming up with the ideas that would help them in doubling that amount even more.

How does Public Fridges Campaign work?

In such situation, the regular people living in Pakistan have come up with the initiatives that would help their fellow citizens in getting rid of this situation. On of such people is Alamgir khan who came up with a rather amazing idea that would help in the eradication of the hunger from Pakistan. People who cannot earn enough money to feed their family members will get benefit of this campaign and will be able to get their hands on the food required to stay alive and live a better life. According to this initiative started off by Alamgir khan initially in Karachi, various fridges will be installed at the various parts of the city Karachi. It will be made sure that the areas where these fridges are installed are near to the eateries and the restaurants to make this campaign even more successful. The main reason behind it being installed near the eateries is the fact that we all know, most of the restaurants have left over food every day. It always happens that after a hectic workday, the restaurants get some great amount of leftover food, which is wasted where there is no one to consume it. The initiative of fixit involves putting this left over or extra food in the fridges installed near the eateries. Filling them up with the food will make it easier for the poor people to get their hands on the food that is there in the fridge and they will not have to beg it off from anyone. It will also be beneficial for the restaurant managers, as they will not have to waste it off.

Wanna be a part of it?

In this era when no one feels for the other person, this initiative taken by Alamgir khan actually got quite popular amongst the masses. People living in Karachi actually appreciating this idea a lot and are looking forward to be a part of this campaign themselves. In order to be a part of it and sponsor this campaign, you can buy a fridge and get it installed in any part of the city. In addition to that, there is an application called fixit and downloading it will help you in getting to know better ways of helping your community.

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