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PTCL Speed Test Online – Check your PTCL DSL Internet Speed

PTCL DSL Speed test online

PTCL has come up with yet another fascination for its users all over the country. It is the online speed test that lets you check the speed of your subscribed bandwidth. Bandwidth is the data rate supported by a particular network interface. Higher the bandwidth, better the uploading and downloading speed of the internet. This speed is measured in Megabits (Mbit/s) or kilobits per second (kbit/s).

Checking your internet connection’s speed will tell you whether or not your connection has enough bandwidth required to carry out internet operations. If the speed isn’t very high, you might need to contact your network provider to check for the suitable solution. This test speed can also be run on a smartphone.

How to check PTCL Internet speed online:

  1. Open the official PTCL site for speed testing that is
  2. On the first page that appears, hit the “Begin Test” button.
  3. The testing will now start. You can check the uploading and download speed of your internet connection.

Other websites to check PTCL internet speed online:

Here are some other websites through which you can check the internet connection’s speed.

This interactive broadband speed test by Ookla is the most widely used speed test application around the globe. Around 400,000 visitors use this speed test for checking the quality of their internet connection daily. It is available for both the personal computers and for smartphones. is a complete integration connectivity and telecom service provider designed by Netflix. The purpose of this application is to test the speed of your bandwidth while you watch your favourite TV shows and movies on Netflix so that a bad internet connection may not hinder you. This amazing tool is made available for personal computers as well as for smart phones too.

DSL reports is basically a forum for discussing broadband ISP reviews, latest news and tools in the field of broadband connections. Along with that, it also lets it users check the speed of their internet connection. This utility by dslreports helps the users to test the speed of their internet connection along with checking the downloading and uploading speed.

Another utility to determine the internet speed is Testmyspeed. It is a non-obtrusive test that checks the speed on the basis of the uploading and downloading speed. It also lets you keep the history of your connection’s speeds so that you may understand the right time when the speed is the fastest.