PTCL EVO Carfi internet Wifi Device: Packages, Services, Rates, Specifications and Buy Online

In this modern era, everyone wants to be connected to the modern world of technology through seamless high-speed internet 24/7. The need of hour is to stay updated and connected to the world of Information technology. Most of the internet service providers have been working efficiently in Pakistan. Since, Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is most commonly used and best internet service Provider Company in the nation wide as well as in many countries around the globe. It has been considered as a pioneer for internet services and offers various packages for its customer’s needs. PTCL has been a major player in telecommunication in Pakistan despite other operating corporations. PTCL coverage 3G network is throughout the country, playing its part in the economic growth of Pakistan. Its 3G EVO devices have revolutionized the use of internet and provided much ease to its users. Recently it has introduced a new internet device and named that device “PTCL CarFi”.

What is CarFi Wi-Fi device?

Recently PTCL has worked well for the customer support and ease. It has launched a new internet device for its users, particularly for cars to get connected to the social media while travelling. This device has been introduced as PTCL CarFi-Modern era invention.

PTCL CarFi internet device

PTCL CarFi is a device which is plugged into any car and provides high-speed internet over the roads in 250 different cities across the country in Pakistan.

The device is basically cigar-shaped and can be directly connected to the cigar-lighter port. It is easy to use and allows connecting 5 devices as a hotspot. In addition to this, the device can be connected to laptops and other media devices using USB cable.

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How does PTCL Carfi Wifi Device work?

PTCL CarFi can be used in car without any inconvenience and it promises continuous internet service without any disconnecting issues. One can use it while travelling and be connected to the social media sites throughout the journey. This device package includes a USB port so that users can charge their cell phones etc. while the CarFi device is connected to the lighter port.

A two-way USB cable can be used to connect to a PC and can be connected to a laptop directly with total 6 users taking benefit of this service, 1 through USB connection and 5 others through Wi-Fi. It is a device which is specifically for cars and when plugged into the car’s cigarette socket, allows the user to get access to fast 3G internet while travelling towards the destination,

As in this age of internet world, we want to remain connected to the world every second, use of 3G internet services with smartphones is quite common, but the mobile limited battery can cause a discontinuity in the network connection. So, here’s the EVO CarFi device for the users to provide them with unlimited access to the internet throughout their journey without any hassle.

Carfi Packages, Charges and services:

If you want to remain updated and be connected to the internet 24/7, immediately buy PTCL EVO CarFi for the rescue.

The packages currently available in PTCL EVO Carfi are

Product Bundle Charges Bundle Validity Volume (5GB/month)
EVO Carfi Rs 4000 3 months 15 GB
EVO Carfi Rs 5000 6 months 30 GB
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Both the 3 months and 6 months packages can be chosen according to the customer’s need.

Both the above-mentioned packages will provide unlimited social media bundle which will include free and unlimited usage of Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Viber (text only), LinkedIn and Sound Cloud. Both bundle prices include the Device.

Services/ KEY features

  • Plug and start using the CarFi product without any installations. Use the car cigarette port to create a Wi-Fi hotspot during travelling.
  • Super 3G experience with speed limit up to 9.3 Mbps.
  • Micro SD slot supports up to 32 GB.
  • Allows connecting 5 gadgets at a time.
  • Micro SD Data sharing over Wi-Fi. Users can share documents, video clips or music with friends, family or colleagues.
  • Perfect on the go connectivity.
  • Wi-Fi range: 10 meters, two parallel cars can benefit along with one device.
  • The package is equipped with USB port for charging cell phones and connecting to PC/ laptops.

How to Buy PTCL CarFi Online

The device can be booked online through PTCL customer service website. Simply, visit the website, choose your desired package and add to your cart. A 24/7 help service and assistance is available to all customers. Buy your package with ease and start using without any hassle and installations.

Also, PTCL has collaborated with and for this product. You can subscribe to the websites and can order these products for both platforms and can buy PTCL CarFi Online. Upon receiving the product from subscribers will be required to go through biometric verification by visiting PTCL Smart Shop, Ufone Service Center, Ufone Franchise or PTCL/Ufone Retailer.

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These service providers and user-friendly websites will allow the customers to get most benefits from affordable packages for every user’s needs.

The PTCL services and affordable packages have given relief to all customers by bringing together all the necessities needed for a perfect broadband package or 3G internet services.