How PITB’s eRozgaar Program is promoting Freelancing in Pakistan – Unber Shafiq

Unber Shafiq, PITB eRozgaar Program Student

Meet Unber Shafiq, Student at PITB’s eRozgaar Program

At the sight of widespread unemployment among the educated lot of Pakistan, our prognostication of dark future had only grown stronger. One option that we had to improve the conditions of unemployment among the educated communities was to introduce new jobs. However, the global world usually offers more than one solution to the problem, and so there was a better option i.e. to promote working for the industry that never runs out of jobs. The government of Punjab in coordination with Punjab Information and Technology Board took this better option to beat unemployment. The idea was to teach freelancing to 16-year graduates of Punjab.

For the past few years, the concept of making money online has been taught immensely through the digital world. It doesn’t take a lot of time to find online freelancing courses that would cost you thousands of dollars. Yet Punjab government has generously provided a free opportunity to learn to freelance.

As of March 30th, 2016, there were more than 4.62 billion web pages on the internet, and the number is continuously growing. Be it freelancing for these web pages or offices in other parts of the world, the eRozgaar program is an excellent initiative to promote financial stability in Pakistan. The best part is that freelancing is the only industry that never runs out of jobs.

The program was divided into 3 groups. One could choose from technical, non-technical, and the creative course. As the registrations opened, more than 33,000 graduates applied for a position as a trainee. Only 10,000 got lucky, myself being one. Here’s my experience:

Professional environment:

It was my first time to ever attend any of the government introduced programs. Initially angry at the decision of starting the program in the middle of Ramadan, when I entered the eRozgaar teaching lab, I went through the experience of comfortable room temperature settling my anger. It was such a relief to see the giant chillers placed in the lab. On top of that, the labs contain separate laptops for each trainee. Having a laptop in front of each seat has been very helpful in successful hands-on training. Projectors, comfortable seating, chillers, and laptops, all complement the professional environment of the labs.

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Expert trainers:

A professional learning environment alone, however, is not sufficient for a successful program. The most important part of the success is decided by the trainers themselves. While I was initially doubtful that when these selected 10k people would create profiles on freelancing platforms, the freelance market might get down for Pakistanis. However, the doubts petered out on the orientation day. As the trainers introduced themselves, I knew that we had the best captains on the flight.

Even though I was fully satisfied from the moment the trainers introduced themselves, the satisfaction got even more so when they actually started teaching. They were nothing but twin brothers to professional instructors. From their general way of communication to the way they deliver knowledge, everything has been professional. I am not sure of the criteria for selecting the trainers, but I am happy that whatever criteria was devised, it turned out to be a huge success. These trainers are well learned and experienced when it comes to the world of freelancing. They also provide the best advice on how to avoid common mistakes related to freelancing.

Right curriculum:

The curriculum developed for this program is outstanding. As we were introduced to the freelancing platforms, the trainers not only taught how to create profiles and apply for jobs, but they also delivered information on how to boost our freelance profiles on these platforms. In short, the course is an amalgamation of theoretical knowledge and practical tips.

Another important initiative that I really appreciate about the eRozgaar program is feedback forms. At the end of each session, every student gives feedback for the trainers through Google forms. I find it way better than those printed feedback forms which only serve to occupy some extra space. Moreover, the daily feedback helps to pinpoint the shortcomings related to each lecture. Happily, I haven’t yet attended a class where my feedback was not more than satisfactory.

Hands-on training:

The story of my first class experience with the eRozgaar program doesn’t end here. There’s another feature to the program. The labs are kept open till 5 pm. Trainees can sit overtime in the labs and do their hands on training. On top of that, trainers are there after the class for group sessions as well as one on one meetings. What could have been better than this?

It has now been three weeks to the start of this program in UET Taxila centre. So far, the experience has been one of the best. In my opinion, and I can safely say it on behalf of other trainees in UET Taxila, the eRozgaar program is a wonderful initiative to help graduates start professional work from the comfort of their homes. It will empower fresh graduates to earn money based on their talent. Hats off to the masterminds behind this program.

  • Maaz Ahmad

    A great initiative ,indeed .

    • Muhammad Usama Bin Islam

      Of course it’s a great initiative. But you have to become “Be-Rozgar” first after “16 years of education” then you’ll meet the criteria of joining this program.

      • Somia Malik

        You are Right Usama, they want us to get unemployed first,then will allow us to be the part of this programme.

  • Somia Malik


    I, Somia Imdad Malik (14-CS-50) am on Edge of completing Bachelors in Computer Science from UET Taxila.

    The Government of Punjab have recently launched ERozgar Training Programme for Students,which is an inspiring initiative to help youth of Pakistan become self employed and self sustainable by training them in earning income through Internet.But the selection criteria in the programme is 16 years of education.

    Here is an Objection. They should have to launch this ERozgar Training programme for undergraduates also. Now we have done with the 6th semester and are free till 3 months of summer vacations.We should also have given this opportunity to avail this ERozgar Training programme. I along with my session fellows attended this programme till 3 weeks so attentively and it was so fruitful for us But now We are not allowed to continue even we are willing to take Entry test. We have requested the administration to allow but they refused.

    This is the basic root for the cause of unemployment.

    As we are pursuing Degree in CS, we need to flourish our technical skills at this stage. So that after completing our degree, we will be able to get jobs very soon. The unemployment can be minimized by creating such opportunities for Undergraduate students also. This programme shows that they want youngsters to get unemployed first,then will allow them to be the part of this ERozgar Training programme.

    Kindly take this case under consideration and make some amendments in the rules , regulations & stipulations and allow us to continue this programme