PITB’s eRozgaar Training Program: Everything You need to know about it

‘E-Rozgaar is an initiative of Punjab government in collaboration with Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB). The sole objective of this program is to provide the youth with an alternative of the job hunt. This program caters the qualified but unemployed youth.  The purpose is to provide economic stability, skill development, and self-sustainability. This program tends to enable the youth to become self-employed ultimately bringing economic mobility. According to PITB, an objective of this program is to provide financial certainty to youth, a gateway to bringing foreign currency and a prospect for women to work from home.

1. What is PITB?

The Punjab Information Technology Board is an autonomous body functional under Punjab Government. It is striving for adoption and implementation of modern techniques to achieve digital efficiency. PITB is providing IT services and infrastructure to government and businesses. This institute has laid down foundations of several initiatives in collaboration with Punjab Government. Some of the major areas of its projects include process automation, Citizen Facilitation, Evidence-Based Monitoring, and Services. Other than these, there are also some flagship projects such as Hajj Management Information System, e-Stamping, Punjab Public Management Reform Program, and Smart Monitoring of Schools. E-Rozgaar program is also coined and inaugurated through PITB.

2. Course Categories:

The designed course categories include:

  1. Technical
  2. Non-Technical
  3. Creative Designing

These courses have a unique content with respect to the requirements of the specific field. Here we provide you an insight into what the course content of each program looks like.

2.1 Technical Course:

This category covers the following topics:

  • PHP Development
  • JavaScript Development
  • Web Design
  • HTML5 Development
  • WordPress
  • Responsive HTML
  • MySQL
  • Domain and Hosting

Technical course is aimed at enabling the students to excel in web and software development.

2.2 Non-Technical course:

This course outline covers a wide range of core skills and includes the following topics:

  • Content Writing
  • Proposal Writing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Internet Research
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Email Marketing
  • Recruitment
  • Data Entry
  • Blogging
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • E-commerce
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

2.3 Creative Design Course:

This course is intended to teach to enhance creativity and designing skills of the participants. The given course outline includes:

  • Graphic Design
  • Logo Design
  • UI / UX Design
  • Books / eBooks
  • Corporate Identity Kit
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Banner Design
  • Corel Draw

Moreover, all the categories mentioned above include an introduction to available freelancing platforms and effective communication skills to convert the learning into practical experience.

All the trainees of the e-Rozgaar program are introduced to the subject of freelancing along with details on the freelancing platforms. This introduction includes not only the theoretical perspective but also the practical work of creating individualized freelancing platform profiles. Each trainee creates profiles on the main freelancing platforms such as

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • PeoplePerHour
  • Freelancer
  • Guru

A unique feature of this practical work is that not only do the trainees get to learn about these platforms and their terms and conditions, but the trainers also teach some amazing skills on how to boost these profiles and get projects with ease. Moreover, the trainers are available to help the participants when they land their first client. From writing effective and winning proposals to communicating with the clients, all aspects of being a professional freelancer are covered in great details.

3. Training Duration:

The time span of the program is 3.5 months. The class schedule is arranged as to 4 sessions a week. Each class prolongs for 2 hours. This schedule ensures exhaustive learning without losing the interest of the participants. Once the class is over, trainers are also available for one-to-one and group sessions. These sessions are an excellent way to allow students to clear their confusion further.

4. eRozgaar Training Centers:

PITB visions to have 40 E-Rozgaar Training Centers across Punjab. Currently, 07 centres are functional with the inclusion of recently inaugurated Jehlum Center. The centres include:

  • GCWU Faisalabad
  • UET Taxila
  • UOG Gujrat
  • UET Lahore
  • Comsats Sahiwal
  • University of Agriculture Faisalabad
  • Punjab University Jehlum Campus

5. Evaluation Criteria:

Below are the complete details about the evaluation criteria.

5.1 Evaluation of Trainers:

A unique feature of this program is a comprehensive and formal evaluation of the trainers, the concerned staff, and the facilities provided at the training center. After every session, an online feedback form is filled by the students to evaluate the session. This feedback is provided with complete independence and secrecy.

At the end of each month, the trainers are called for evaluation based on feedback and course progress. This mechanism provides transparency and accountability.

Trainers are evaluated at three different steps. First, the student feedback form evaluates a trainer on a daily basis. This feedback form involves rating the trainer based on his knowledge of the subject, communication skills, and attitude towards students’ queries. The feedback form also provides an option to give suggestions for improvement.

Next step is an evaluation of a trainer by the lab manager of the training center. The Lab Manager observes the attitude of trainers during and outside the class. He also considers trainers’ attire, punctuality, and any other relative factors.  The feedback of students is evaluated by the higher officials, and a monthly evaluation session is conducted at the Lahore head office. Moreover, a regular update through video sharing of each class is conducted. Master trainers evaluate all the trainers and centers based on performance and achievements. Each trainer gets a score on the basis of his evaluation.

5.2 Evaluation of Lab Managers:

Each center of the e-Rozgaar program has 2 lab managers. These managers are responsible for ensuring the comfort zone created for the students. They take care of the fact that the internet, A.C, and laptops are in well-working conditions. If there’s an issue, lab managers are there to resolve it. They are evaluated and rated by the area manager of e-Rozgaar centers.

The combination of lab manager and all trainers’ score in aggregate is compared to the aggregate of other centers, and the center that comes on top is appreciated and awarded.

5.3 Students Evaluation:

Students are evaluated based on their class performance.  Assignments and tasks are assigned on a daily basis. There is a mechanism of the short quiz, surprise test, and a final exam is also designed to be conducted. A competitive environment is created between students of each class. Further, an intercenter competition also exists, and each center is scored based on its performance and achievements.

6. Facilities:

At the training centers, professional environment is maintained. The mentoring goes 24/7 as the trainers are in contact, available and willing to respond at any time before or after the formal class. The centers are equipped with the latest hardware, software, continuous supply of electricity and comfortable sitting arrangement. A particular co-working space is provided for students to work from 9:00 a.m. till 9:00 p.m.

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7. Application Procedure:

The application process is through online application portal of PITB web site. The link to application portal is provided here. https://www.erozgaar.pitb.gov.pk/candidate. The application procedure is completely hustled free as it included simple sign up, profile update and uploading of required documents.

Here the question arises, what are the necessary documents for application? The list is brief. Only a proof of graduate study/degree, CNIC and domicile certificate of Punjab is required.

When the application is submitted successfully with all the required documents, the next stage is to pass an online test. This test is 30 minutes long, and a candidate is provided with three attempts to qualify the test. The test contains general knowledge question, English language question and a basic computer knowledge is also tested. Keep in mind that the test for all three courses has different questions.

After this online test, an initial screening of candidates is carried out. The selected candidates are informed through emails and are invited for document verification. After the document verification phase, the successful candidates are called for joining the session.

Through all these steps PITB provided complete assistance to the candidates through their call center, emails and SMS service. At every stage, e-mails and SMS are sent to candidates regarding the guidelines for next stage and procedure.

Applications are open from 25 September 2017 to 25 October 2017. and Next session will start from 1st November 2017.

8. Eligibility Criteria:

Any candidate who fulfills the following eligibility criteria can apply for this program:

  • 16 years of education
  • Valid CNIC,
  • Domicile certificate of Punjab
  • 22 to 35 years of age

It is to be kept in mind that no candidate can apply for more than one program. If selected, the candidate must ensure at least 80 percent attendance in order to get the participation certificate of the e-Rozgaar program.

9. Career Opportunity:

This initiative is not only for beginners but also provides an opportunity to the potential seasoned freelancers or online workers. PITB website provides career opportunity to freelancers to become trainers. The eligibility criteria include an Intermediate/ Bachelors degree, teaching and communication skills with an experience of freelancing for more than a year. If the applicant has taken part in training and mentoring freelancing or online working skills, he or she stands a great chance to be employed.

10. Structure of eRozgaar Project:

E-Rozgaar training program follows a complete chain of command to resolve any issue or suggestion. A student will communicate to the trainer, who will contact the lab manager. Lab manager will transfer it to the Area Manager, and the Area Manager will ultimately process it to higher management which includes Program Managers, Director, Chairman PITB, and CM Punjab, all in ascending order of authority. This systematic information process has the potential to become a landmark for other institutions to follow.

The organizational structure of eRozgaar is such that it follows professional layout and has organized communication channels. This structure is a unique point of the eRozgaar program which will differentiate it from other organizations in future. Such professional organizational structure is destined to be a success factor for this program.

11. Future Prospects:

This program will enhance the technical and communication skills of the students. This training program will not only transform the students to freelancers and online workers but entrepreneurs as well. It has the chance of landing a freelancer to plan9. If there is any idea capable of becoming a startup, it can get adherence and support effortlessly.

12. eRozgaar’s Relation with Plan9 and PlanX:

Plan9 is a project of PITB. It aims to facilitate and promote Pakistani entrepreneurial culture. In Plan 9 you present your startup idea to the top entrepreneurs and experts. If your idea is productive in terms of Pakistan economy and Pakistani products, you get incubation. Plan9 provides a working place and a team of experts along with the required budget to the person whose idea is incubated. It operates on a zero-equity model where the person gets all the support yet Plan9 has no business share in the launched startup.

PlanX is the first accelerator of technology start-ups by PITB. It is an industry based program. It empowers mid-stage technology startups by providing access to funding, mentors, investors, and capitalists.

PlanX provides:

·         Dedicated Mentorship

·         Trainings

·         Investment Opportunities

·         Scalability

·         Customer Acquisition

·         Resources

·         Business Development

·         Partnerships

After this e-Rozgaar training program, participants will be more skilled and confident to present any startup idea on Plan9 platform. After the successful completion of Plan9, one moves to PlanX to further expand their start-up and gain global exposure.