Pakistan’s First Logistic app connecting travelers and senders

Travoney is Pakistan’s First Peer-to-Peer Crowd Funding Logistic mobile application connecting travelers and senders. 

Travoney Pakistan's first peer to peer logistic application

Are you sick and tired of waiting for your shipments? Or the high courier charges that you have to pay for getting your orders delivered. Well, Travoney is the answer to all your issues and queries. Travoney delivers your messages, packages, and emails securely wherever you want it to be.

Courier services were developed way back for easy access and faster alternatives to the regular mailing services which had been going on for a long time. But are they as fast and cost-effective as a Traveller who can ship the item ein route to his/her destination at flexible rates? Do you really want to wait for your turn just so your parcel gets delivered since there is always a load of hundreds of packages waiting to be sent? Surely no one likes doing that. Everyone wants a fast an easy way out.

Travoney is basically a mixture of both a sender and a traveler. Not everyone can afford to travel and buy whatever they want themselves. Most of us probably wait months or probably years for our loved ones to visit so we can ask them to get us the perfect goodies we always wanted. Fear not, Travoney is the solution to your agony. It’s a fast and easy way to get things delivered. It not only benefits the one who is receiving or sending the things. If you love to travel, you can actually be the traveler for Travoney. It’s really not as hard as it sounds. All you’ve to do is utilize that extra space you always have in your suitcases for our parcels and serve a good cause. Not a charitable good cause obviously, you can earn some extra pocket money with it.

As the global supply chains are emerging, it has become important to have an efficient trading system in the country. The main aim is to participate effectively in the global chain as it is emerging. Pakistan is facing several economic issues due to which the logistic system of the country is forfeiting. It has been realized that the country needs to improve its logistic system for the betterment. Better logistic performances can lead to the country’s economic growth and eradication of poverty. With the help of Travoney, these issues can be solved through a pool of trusted travelers.

Travelling can be super expensive whether it is by road or by air. Why would you not want to cover your fuel and maintenance or traveling costs by delivering the items/parcels en route to your destination?

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If you are a sender, why would you want to spend thousands of bucks on an expensive courier service when you have Travoney that is cost effective and has the same results as every other company? Yes, it costs way less than all the high-end services and has the same quality assurance and security.

In a world of cons, everyone’s main concern is the security. Nobody wants their parcel with an expensive thing to get lost or stolen, that would literally be the most depressing thing to ever happen. Travoney provides its users a “Travoney Verified” badge on the basis of CNIC verification from NADRA, phone verification, and on-call interview. Travoney defines a set of baggage policies and six security checks in its website and application which helps the user to abide by it and escape from any inconvenience he/she might face.

With the rapid growth of E-Trading and Globalization, Travoney is the game changer. With travoney, once you create a post, your phone will be popped up with the requests and it’s up to you whether to accept or reject any request. On the basis of previous feedback regarding the user, verified badge, and social profile, you can always decide whether to accept or turn down the request.

Wondering how to get started with Travoney? It’s not really that difficult. All you have to do is download the application. Application? Wondering how much it’ll cost you? Fear not, the application is free of cost. It is available on the Google play store.

You can also review the traveler through your comments and ratings. This is an easy way to help out those who want to try Travoney’s services for the first time. It’ll help them identify the travelers with whom they would want to send their stuff.

In future, Travoney will extend its platform services towards crowd shopping and launch its intra-city platform services as well. People regularly going to the same routes will be able to play their role in economy sharing and use their cars for the warehouse deliveries enroute to their destinations which will largely help them to cover their traveling costs.

As it has been mentioned before, security is one of our main concerns. Travoney will verify your account details which would include your emails, phone numbers, and ID security. Once all this will be done, the team will review all your documents. Once that’s done, you will be provided with a verified badge. So if you are a tad bit worried about our verifications, the verification badges are 100% authentic.

So wait no more, it’s time to easily deliver and receive your goodies on time without any hassle. That’s not all, it’s also time to earn some extra cash through Travoney!