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8 Pakistani Startups raised Seed Capital in 2016

The notion of seed funding is gaining pace in Pakistan. There are many Pakistani startups that have risen seed funding in the year 2016. Before getting into the details, it is of great importance to know what exactly is seed funding and how it works. Seed funding or seed money is a way form of investment via which an enterprise raises a portion of the money to fund the operations and procedures of an organization. The year 2016, was a fortunate year for many Pakistani startups as they managed to raise millions seed funding. Mentioned below are some of the cases of seed funding that happened this year.

Some successful startups of the year 2016:

List of Pakistani startups raised Million dollars Seed Capital/Investment in 2016.

Finja, a FinTech startup from Pakistan

1. Finja, a FinTech startup from Pakistan

Finja is a new and indeed successful startup in Pakistan that will be instigated by the end of this year. This is a small venture created by three intelligent young men named as Qasif Shahid, Umer Muanwar and last but not the least Monis Rehman. They announced in one their interviews that they have managed to raise approximately 1 million dollars through seed funding that was led by Vostok emerging finance.

The founders also added that this money will be utilized in launching a new concept of a mobile wallet. This mobile wallet shall be used to facilitate the financial services across Pakistan. The founders also said that their services would be entirely exceptional and will replace the existing mobile wallet ventures on merely 3 levels:

  1. Process
  2. Price
  3. Functions

This mobile wallet will be free of the service charges and no money will be charged at buyer or sender’s end. The customers will be benefited by the added functionality. The founders said that this new concept will reduce the resistance in digital marketing by re-creating the business mockups. This could be one of the best Pakistan’s achievements in technology 2016.

Pakistani Startup beauty Hooked

2. Beauty hooked

Sidra Talha and Cornell Grad Sahr are young aspirant Pakistani entrepreneurs who led successful startup by the name of beauty hooked through seed funding.  Through this platform, thousands of ladies will be able to book appointments for their favorite salon simply by staying at their home. Not only this but they will be able to search for their favorite salon and even read the reviews which will help them in selecting the best amongst the list.

The founders said that the idea of beauty hooked popped in their mind after winning at the startup weekend in Lahore. The seed funding was nearly closed at 280,000 dollars. The good news is that this startup will be expanded across the borders as the founders have signed a pack with some company in Qatar. The founders also added that the great amount of the investment will be used to launch the mobile app for this beauty tech company. Beauty hooked is a sole trooper which is gaining immense popularity across the globe.

Home repair Pakistani startup Sukoon launch ceremony

3. Sukoon

Sukoon is surely a successful startup in Pakistan. The investors of this startup include Crescent Ventures and accompanied by the Indus Entrepreneurs and Dot zero ventures. This was merely the first startup of 2016 which has now become the most appreciated one. The goal is this startup is to provide the home repair solution on just a single call. The investors said they were impressed by the innovative ideas given by the young enthusiast of the startups. Currently, No such home based maintenance service is functional in Pakistan so this can be plus point for sukoon.

Sukkon offers serves like:

  • The best place to hire the professional technicians, plumbers, painters and masons etc)
  • Affordable price
  • Work done on time and without any hassle.

Pakistani Startup Travly Team

4. Travly

Travly is another remarkable startup that has collected almost 20,000 dollars seed funding led by CresVentures. This startup is meant to solve the transport glitches of people. Now people can book the rickshaws by simply calling them. The founders are in view of expanding the service from rickshaws to bus trips to logistics service. The news is also circulating that they are about to unveil the rickshaw rani which will be driven by the females only. Another major plan of this startup is to expand the service throughout the Lahore since it is only functional in DHA area.

Travly is helping jobless men and women by giving them not only the employment by also handsome remuneration. Pakistani Startup Team


Nobody ever thought in Pakistan of opening an online fruit and vegetable selling startup business except Farooq Haider, who is the CEO of Based in Lahore, this startup heaped almost 7.5 million US dollars through seed funding from Pakistan’s largest retail multinational firms. will be spending hefty amount from their seed funding for expanding their online business across Pakistan.

The CEO in his interview said that the concept of seed funding is rising in Pakistan so if anyone who has a creative mind can start his own business through seed funding.

Pakistani Startup Markhor Team - Sidra Qasim & Waqas Ali

6. Markhor

Markhor was one of the earliest startups of 2016. Markhor collected almost 120,000 dollars in seed funding. Markhor is basically an online business selling good quality handmade original leather shoes. This startup was even recognized at Y COMBINATOR, that was a 3-month incubation program held at Silicon Valley.

7. Healthcare Pakistani Startup raised 1 Mission UD Dollar investment in 2016.

8. KarloCompare, a finance startup, raised a 7 figure Seed capital in 2016. 

Well, these were some of the valued, successful and best Best Pakistani startup in 2016.