This startup aims to improve Legal system in Pakistan

Qanoon Legal service startup in Pakistan

Qanoon is a new startup based in Pakistan which offers online legal consultancy to all over Pakistan and also to the overseas. Now you can deal with your legal problem on just one click with this new startup. This website is not launched yet but aims high to provide legal assistance to those people who wants to hire and consult with the lawyers online with ease of sitting anywhere. We know that in Pakistan, the legal court system is messed up due to political reasons and often provide biased case studies. However, this startup has got worth and hired intellectual minds with a clear vision and possible outcomes.

This website has a small setup as it is newly developed but not launched yet which made its bid worth nothing. Investors from’ Idea Croron ka’  refused to invest this startup as the entrepreneur hasn’t made enough revenue from this and it is too new to invest in when you don’t have an idea of its possible future revenue generation techniques.

How does this Legal Startup work?

Qanoon offers online legal assistance to all over Pakistan and also to the people living abroad. We know that nowadays, it is hard to find and take an appointment from lawyers. This website has proved that you should not need to bothered about going physically out of your home when you have your lawyer just a click away. As this website is new developed and not have marketized use to its new origin. It will take enough time to get to people knows about this startup based in Pakistan.

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It works online and all you need to mention your problem and send them your queries and they will get back to you and will consult you the lawyer of your need and area of interest. Once you did with your query or stated your problem online on this website, you will get a notification and will be informed soon with your lawyer’s portfolio. The Biodata and profile of the Lawyer you can see and contact him/her right away.

How much will Qanoon earn from each case?

We know that legal community is not budget friendly and always need a pocket full when you to the courts for the appointment. The best thing is that consultation in this whole process will be free of any Charges and you never need to pay anything to the website. This website will generate revenue from each case by 2000 PKR from Lawyer. This is just so nominal that this startup will charge regardless of how many lawyers will earn from this case. You only need to pay to the lawyer, not the website. This is how the website will earn its revenue. It is anticipated that this website will revise the amount.

How much investment has this Legal startup got?

After analyzing all the scenario and future strategies of this startup, it failed to impress the judges as they think that this startup needs some more time to be judged and invested. The entrepreneur asked for 10 million PKR with a share percentage of 20%. The investors believed that this is too early to invest in this startup as it only got 5 cases in total in 2 months and earned just 10,000 PKR. They didn’t impress the investors at all and they went empty handed. The have vision but its soon to cooperate and assist them financially on this stage.

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They have vision and mission and this passion for delivering such services will boost their business to the next level and we wish them all the very best to grow and prosper in their work.