This Pakistani Startup introduced Kits to automate daily Routine Work

Pakistani startup introduced kit to automate your daily routine work

Idea croron ka’ has been launched as Pakistan’s first reality show promoting business and entrepreneurship with a million dollar idea. The youth of Pakistan has been introducing themselves as entrepreneurs transforming Pakistani as a part of the global maker movement. ‘Idea croron ka’ will act as a platform helping to bridge the gap between investors and entrepreneurs. Upcoming talent emerging forward as activists and self-starters have promoted the culture of entrepreneurship in Pakistan. Investors have shown great interest in the startup ideas introduced by people at small scale, this way helping them to raise their business. One can get encouragement and motivation through these startup innovations, helping the jobless people to earn through different ways.

Till now the most interesting part is to bring a foreign female investor from the Silicon Valley who emerged on the 4th episode of the show. Asha Jadeja, an angel investor across the border has been a pioneer in maker movement in Africa and has invested in social media impact and non-profit startup programs. Recently a group of young talent emerged on the show with their idea of ‘Do it yourself’. DIY Geeks, a startup which has been founded by some talented students featured as an inspiration among the entrepreneurs.

What is DIY Geeks startup?

DIY geeks have been working on introducing DIY concepts in Pakistan, making your own automated routine items. Usama Abid and Hina Tariq (students of Information Technology), being its co-founders have promoted the idea of ‘Do it yourself’ and have been exemplary start-up entrepreneurs. DIY geeks help you to develop tools on your own according to your needs. They have been working under Punjab Information Technology Board and working for the development of education sector by practising students to work on their own as individuals through DIY kits

What is the function of this project?

DIY Geeks provides with different circuit components, wires and terminals to facilitate users, so they can build on their own. DIY kits have instructions with each kit to be operated as robots, controlling devices or printing solutions etc., all related information is available on their website. Video tutorials are available for users to get technical information (especially for engineering students). This is a resourceful idea for engineering projects which need the initiative to be ended up successfully. It provides tools for the global market and counsel technologist to work on their projects themselves.

Pakistan needs such initiatives for its economic growth and technology development. A new traditional concept of DIY has been targeted for industry growth in Pakistan. Engaged in arranging multiple events and workshops, DIY geek’s team has enabled students to work as IT activists and can earn online. Renowned schools have been collaborating with Geeks to give the students a technology build up experience. Promoting the culture of DIY is all they want for the next generation to be competitors in the field of technology and grow economically. It is a one-stop solution for building electronic devices and helping students to eagerly learn about their field. They have endless opportunities to work as individuals on your own. All you have to do is operate the kit with proper instructions and get your desired automated device. Student community can start from the scratch and make wonderful products. DIY geeks have come up with the DIY Faire to provide more opportunities to the students. They are promoting the creativity of art and electronics, with the involvement in fashion shows to integrate fashion with technology. DIY kits can serve the students at the initial stage to work effectively and users to operate at home for multi-tasking.

How much investment raised from ‘Idea croron ka’?

The fourth episode of ‘Idea Croron Ka’ introduced an angelic investor from the Silicon Valley (Asha Jadeja), who came as a pioneer for DIY industry, in Pakistan. The startup initiating team of DIY geeks has been able to inspire the entrepreneurs with their product fabrication idea and making your own device tools. With the aim to promote maker movement in Pakistan, Usama Abid (co-founder DIY Geeks) with his team has been able to get 1.5 crore investment against zero equity for lab establishment in Pakistan. Clear about the goals of this startup they got such huge investment from Asha Jadeja who appreciated their efforts and announced to take the whole 1.5 crore investments for zero equity. This was the best investment so far in the show which enabled the young team to move forward with more confidence.