Pakistani Startup HomeStove deliver home cooked meals at your Doorstep

Pakistani Startup Homestove deliver home made meal at your doorstep

Its owners recently launched the start-up HomeStove in January 2017 and it caters to basically those students or people who are away from home because they are studying in a different city or are working. Being away from home can be quite difficult since eating out can be both unhealthy and expensive and there are moments where you just crave for a home cooked meal. Well, then HomeStove has the solution to your problems!. This startup is also a great opportunity for Pakistani Housewives and Home chefs to turn their cooking into cash.

What is HomeStove Startup?

HomeStove offers home cooked meals at very reasonable rates so that it is convenient for people who are away from home to be able to order from them without worrying about their budget. In just in this short span of time (around 3 months), they have managed to hire around 100 chefs/bakers registered in their company who are responsible for meeting the demands of people. The entrepreneur used to work away from his home city, Karachi in Lahore and Islamabad where he felt that it was quite difficult to have home cooked food easily available. He also felt that it was almost impossible to eat out every single day while he was away from Karachi. So during that time, being away from home and not being able to have a home cooked meal easily available, he came up with this idea to benefit other people facing the same issue as him. The mobile application this company uses is not just beneficial for the customers but also quite profitable for the cooks who are registered in this company. People, who are good cooks or love to cook as a hobby, can easily earn money by doing something they love! All they have to do is register through the app and become a part of this company; then the entrepreneurs check and taste whether their food tastes good or whether they have a certain specialty that they can put on their menu, and then they select the people who they think can help the company to grow and satisfy their customers. The entrepreneurs want this company to grow on a much larger scale so that they are able to compete against the other companies and are not considered any different than the already established companies. Noticing their success in Lahore, they want to expand this idea to other cities of Pakistan. Along with this, the company takes special care whether the vendors who are registered can provide good quality, hygienic food to their customers.

How does Pakistani Startup HomeStove work?

This is a very application to use; it is available on the web, iOS and Android devices. How it works is that when you open the application, the application will give you options based on a radius of five to ten kilometres from your current location and all the food options you see on the app are home cooked. And just by clicking on what you want to eat you get a list of vendors by their company names and/or logos and can place your order from them. Then your order is delivered to your location and then you can just simply enjoy your delicious home cooked meal! Moreover, it costs a lot less compared to what you can get from known franchises.

The way they choose their vendors is that they shortlisted the vendors who were already owners of a cooking or baking business on Facebook, who were more serious about the job since they could meet demands on time and satisfy customers since they are already working in the food industry. Other vendors are those who have exceptionally good skills and were serious about this job.