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Pakistani Startup

You are a great professional/company who knows how to be best in your work but you don’t know how to market yourself to your targeted customers because it may require a lot of things like a website, google adverts, SEO, offline advertisements and what not. If you do not want to be a ghost to your customers and you want to be seen in your niche market you have to be visible and approachable.  But hey it’s not an easy job because of the competition and the big guys ( in your profession)  who might be spending a lot to stay ahead of everyone. You might think you are Steve Jobs of your profession but still no work? That’s sad!

What is

We have designed in such a way that if you are signed up, all your problems will be solved. After signing up you are asked to set up a profile in which you can add about your work, you can add a logo, your contact numbers, add the images of your previous work and above all you can ask for reviews from your previous customer. Yeah, we know the importance of reviews in the practical life and how heavily people rely on reviews before hiring any professional. This profile can act as your website which means that you can share this profile with your friends, family and potential customers. You will receive the job requests in your inbox without any hassle, we will do all the work to make sure you get those job requests, therefore no extra spending on marketing for you. All you have to do is to send quotes to your customers. This innovative startup has made really easy for the professionals to reach their customers.

Pakistani Startup Success in first 24 Hours
Pakistani Startup Success in first 24 Hours after Launching

On the other side, there are people who thrive to find good professionals/companies but they do not find people who meet their exact requirements.  Directories or search engines do not match you to the exact professional you are looking for and for those who know time is precious; it’s a pain to dig in and spend hours finding the right professional. is a gift for those who value time and efficiency. If you are looking for a graphic designer, event planner, content writer or anyone, just go to our website tell us what you want. We will ask a few questions about your job (just to know your exact requirements) and match you up with right professionals. You will receive up to 5 quotes from different professionals and then you can compare and hire.

Who is behind

Three Successful Pakistani Entrepreneurs Sania, Gohar and Irsa initiated this startup.

Sania is a very famous Female Entrepreneur from Pakistan  interior architect by profession. She strongly believes in women entrepreneurship and is a prove of her firm belief and determination that women can excel in business world too. She created this innovative startup to contribute to the society and to bridge up the gap between vendor and professional.

Gohar is a seasoned entrepreneur, digital marketing consultant and a sought-out speaker. He is managing different successful ventures ranging from digital agency to a microfinance crowd funding platform and SaaS web products like . He also blogs on passive income lifestyle.

Irsa is an operation and development veteran and a change catalyst. Her diverse industry experience at Goldbrick International and a nature of Go – to – do intensifies her creative abilities and strengthens the initiative capacity. Irsa is a vital part of where her authentic and vibrant character inmates the ability to drive innovation and creativity at culture.

How it’s important for Pakistan’s Local market:

The trio believed that this market has huge potentials and could be explored more. After an extensive research, the trio found out that many people in Pakistan including women want to do their own business but they are reluctant because they know how hard it can be to get customers and increase your business face the same problem.  At we want to bring more opportunities for people to start or continue with their own business without even thinking about how to get customers. The growing businesses will create more job opportunities for people around Pakistan. That’s our dream to create more job opportunities which will end up in a better economy system. is not a freelance portal and our vision and mission is totally different. Moreover, our people are getting much more tech savvy now and the easy access to the internet have made their life easier. Everything is handy now; a big boom in our internet industry is a proof of the changing behavior of our people. If everything is bought online then why not services?

It is high time that we start thinking to change the traditional ways of hiring services and is that revolutionary idea. No more wasting time on irrelevant searches, no more asking your friends or family for contact numbers. will be your one stop. It hardly takes a minute to tell us what you want and you will start receiving customized quotations from different professionals. It’s quick and easy!

We have covered many categories from an accountant to a photographer, and we plan to expand our categories further so that is a hub of everything. Moreover, we are giving services in IT industry in which no other platform in Pakistan is working. So, let’s join hands to work together and contribute to our society. is made by Pakistanis for Pakistanis to find and Hire the right Professionals for their projects Online.