Success Story of Pakistan’s Millionaire Freelancer who made $31,000 Dollars on Fiverr

Nadeem Yousaf Pakistan's richest fiverr freelancer

Fiverr is an online website that allows you to get a job. However, this online website has witnessed a very special person, in fact, an unsung hero. He is a real-life hero, and No, he doesn’t fly everywhere but that has not stopped him from reaching for the stars. Nadeem Yousaf also known as Pintoo0 is a Fiverr pro. He is from Faisalabad, Pakistan. This guy made about thirty-one thousand dollars fully through Fiverr and is now working with a Fiverr pro.

His journey is very much inspiring! Nadeem or Pintoo0 tells us that during 2013, his family and he were facing major financial crisis but unfortunately, he was still in school so, getting a job or actually earning money seemed like quite an impossible task. He tells us that his father used to work as a Senior Manager at a garment firm. But one day, he came home to tell his family that he had resigned from the job as his boss thought that he was not the right man for the job. During this heartbreaking and pressurizing time, he, Nadeem Yousaf, started losing sleep. He would be filled with so many questions and with so much tension about how the household might work now without his father earning.

But little did he know that this was the start of a new chapter in his life. Nadeem says that he thought about doing a job but a full-time job seemed quite impossible since he was still just a student but his friend told him about this new platform called ‘Fiverr’. Due to his intelligent mind and sharpness, Nadeem made the first deal for about $25. He says that this was the first time he had earned money by himself.

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‘Once you start seeing results, you get addicted.’ And that is exactly what happened with this man. When he noticed that his hard work was paying off, he kept going on with Fiverr. After completing about 900 plus orders, he managed a 100% success rate. And so, his diligence and determination finally paid off.

Tips For Pakistani Fiverr Sellers:

If you want to achieve this much too then here are some postulates you should keep in mind.

Know what you are selling. You must know what the buyers or the audience demand and sell stuff in accord. Try addressing a majority. Try something that almost everyone requires.

Deliver the products on time. Do not make your clients wait for weeks or for a longer time. If you do that, maybe you might deliver the products way after your clients need them? In case of an emergency. It is important that you concentrate on your work and give it full time.

Deliver as you promised. Deliver the right product at the right time and at the right price. Stick to your word and do not be disloyal. If you try to scam or in any other way earn an extra profit then this will only decrease your value in the eyes of your client and you might not be trusted.

Act a professional, be a professional. Talk to your client in a very expert manner. Explain your point and clear any query the client may have.

Respond to your clients quickly and on time. Whatever they ask for, deliver it to them on time. In short, be punctual. Punctuality is a commendable quality and it will increase your worth and value even more.