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Pakistani Female Entrepreneur Sana Farooq got selected for Black Box Connect in U.S

First Pakistani Female entrepreneur Sana Farooq got selected for Blackbox Connect #18 Program Powerd by Google for Entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. She is founder and CEO of ELN- The E-learning Network, a startup raised at the Nest i/o.

Pakistani Female Entrepreneur Sana Farooq selected for Black Box in U.S

About Sana Farooq – Pakistani Female Founder:

Sana Farooq founded ELN- the E-learning Network with the vision to promote quality and affordable education being accessible to every individual everywhere. She is among the women who led startups nominated for the program by Jehan Ara, The Nest i/o and President P@SHA and will be the first one to attend the Blackbox Connect #18 Program at Factory, a San Francisco-based innovation hub. Entrepreneurs and young talent around the world will gather at the event to introduce their creative thinking for a better future.

‘ELN The e-Learning Network’ startup

This startup provides online certified teacher training and Educational Management courses for beginners and to fully qualified teachers. This network will support individuals from Blackbox community of graduates and will allow Pakistani startups to become global community members and being listed among top ranked entrepreneurs, this way having access to key resources and network facilities. The aim is to raise the level of local education to international level and providing an Accredited Teacher Training, Assessment and Quality Assurance Training directly to inspiring teachers and professionals from the education sector.

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The startup was launched in the UK in the year 2015 and has significantly grown their network in different countries. The strength of Pakistani technical talent, especially in the field of science and technology is remarkable.

Think global

Pakistani young individuals are a few of the global startup founders, having the purpose to focus on solving issues across the globe. Sana Farooq comes up as the only Pakistani Female entrepreneur who got a remarkable achievement by starting up a valuable concept of E-learning and being able to be among the list in Blackbox #18 program members in U.S.

About Blackbox Program:

Blackbox serves as a mentor for individuals around the world who show up as a platform to elevate entrepreneurship everywhere. Entrepreneur adds up to the global economic growth and somewhat help in building a better future. Blackbox helps the startups to emerge globally and young leaders will be guided to build the strong community, company settlement and the world success. The flagship experience in the Silicon Valley has helped community partners to bring forward their innovations across the world.  Resources will be created by building the relationship with the entrepreneurs, business community, strong leaders and the startups will then be capable of emerging as growth systems. Blackbox helps in connecting startup talent to realize the full potential of individuals and work beyond boundaries, especially an opportunity for women empowerment and commitment to support entrepreneurship.

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Blackbox Connect, a two-week residential program in Silicon Valley allows the entrepreneurs to expand their network of startups and work towards real growth and success. Trying out something new to introduce female-led startups in the Blackbox # 18 programs, Blackbox has given much guidance and training tools to advisors and investors for a successful business venture.

Blackbox Connect #18 (Female Founders Edition) first took place in May 2015 and will take place this year on May 15-26, 2017.

Sana Farooq a highly motivated & inspiring female will emerge on this two-week program and will be the next leader for the females in the technology startups. Being a Pakistani entrepreneur she will showcase her talent across the globe and will bring more successful elements to her career growth.