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Pakistani Entrepreneur Fizza Shabbar

Fizza Shabbar – Inspiring female entrepreneur from Pakistan

We have known this fact for a long time that there is no stone that women have left unturned even in male dominated domains. In terms of creativity and intellect, women are equal to men and this talent has been proved by Fizza Shabbar– a young talented Pakistani car designer. Pakistani girls are talented, educated, hardworking and active in almost all fields which were once considered to be male dominated. An art graduate with no background in automotive engineering created something that has been a specialized field run by men all over the world.

It came as much impressive news about a young woman entrepreneur who transformed a Vespa scooter into a car. The project took about 4 years to be completed and finally, the girl power proved in front of all. The process was both tough and tiresome and needed a significant amount of money, motivation and devotion. Fizza Shabbar and her brother were interested in auto design, they used to talk about cars, auto mobiles and creating something out of the box, but sadly her brother passed away in 2011. The death of her brother prompted her to design and create a unique car in his memory, so she started working in 2012 with the aim to design something unique and creative.

Fizza Shabbar entrepreneur design manual cars

After doing her Masters in Fine Arts from Anjuman-e-Himayat-e-Islam College, she started working as an art teacher. But soon she realized that this has been a dull practice in her life, so she left teaching and started doing studio practices to be creative and make an initiative in her life. She started doing the job as a gallery manager and along with that started focusing on her future prospects.

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Being an artist she was able to create something different like she made things from scrap from her childhood times. She used to take used materials and make stuff out of that. But making some technical stuff without having a science background was not an easy task. She talked to her aunt who offered her uncle’s old Vespa at the backyard of the home. She took a 1970’s Vespa in the backyard of her home and started working on it. She completed her project in 2015 which cost approximately about Rs. 280,000. To compensate her lack of technical expertise, she took assistance from several automobile mechanics while she built the car. To finance her project, her father helped her with 25 percent amount needed for the project and her mother always supported her in carrying out her project activities and spare parts collection.

Pakistani Entrepreneur Fizza Shabbar

She named the car ZA which has made history being the first car designed and built by a Pakistani woman. A miracle seemed to have turned an old Vespa into a retro car, but this was an effort of almost four years which proved worthwhile.

Fizza Shabbar an entrepreneur from Lahore, who as a hobby started car designing, is now making customized bicycle and motorbike hoods for avid bike lovers. It was through her efforts and perseverance that she was finally able to convert a two-wheeler vehicle into a four-wheeled vehicle. It is said, when there is a will, there is a way. So she paved her way through her hard work and got success in her project.

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Fizza is the first woman who took part in an off-road rally event in Pakistan after she represented PakWheels at 1st off-road rally that took place in 2016. The car design involved a lot of engineering stuff, apart from that being an artist Fizza designed the hood all by herself. Aesthetically the car gives a retro look and resembles a vintage classic and car has a seating for as much as three people. In order to compensate the air condition service, a ventilation hood has been formed, but it might not prove useful in summers.

Pakistani Entrepreneur Fizza Shabbar

The Pakwheels auto show allows automotive enthusiasts to show off their amazing creations in the garage. In 2015, pakwheels autoshow started without any gender, race discrimination and promoted many artists and innovation makers in the car show. At the end of the ceremony, there was prize distribution. There were although many luxuries, exotic and drool worthy cars being displayed in the car show, but the winner was a young woman Fizza Shabbar who took the spotlight and won the 1st prize at the show. Fizza received a lot of appreciation and praise for her project as she did the project all by herself. It was something to be highly praised as done by a women entrepreneur being in a male dominated scenario.

Pakistani Entrepreneur Fizza Shabbar

She faced a barrage of problems as automobile mechanics refused to give her a helping hand at her home or even asked a lot of money and she eventually did a lot of work on her own. It was blessing in disguise when the mechanics refused to give her a helping hand, and she learned so many skills in the project phase. She worked on the project along with her job routine and even faced the major issue of load shedding.

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But finally, as she completed her project, the public and automotive community’s response was awestruck. She worked day and night and proved those people wrong who was thinking that she is just wasting her time. Now they have seen the results and the car now runs fine on a Vespa engine. Her ambition was to make a car for herself that no one else has, a one of a kind car.

After the successful response by the masses, Fizza is enthusiastic about working on next projects and even willing to work with companies or individuals in carrying out similar commercial projects. The highly appreciable response on the Pakwheels car show has raised her morale and she is thinking about devoting herself to this field.

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She usually gives a rough look to her creations and turns them into finished products with her consistent hard work and motivation. With her artistic approach and passionate thinking, she has been able to make her mark in the art scene of Pakistan.