Pakistani young Entrepreneur ‘Bilal Athar’ featured in Forbes 30 under 30 list

Pakistani entrepreneur Bilal Athar in Forbes 30 under 30 list

A Pakistani young entrepreneur recently got his name listed in a well-known American journal Forbes in the annual feature 30 under 30. He is a 27 years old young man named Bilal Athar (CEO of Wifigen) being selected for technology feature list in Asia.

About Bilal Athar

Bilal Athar is one of those founders who succeeded to initiate a multi-million dollar company. It was his potential which took him to such level, even facing lots of challenges his way. During his journey, he got many setbacks and finally found the way to Wifigen, a tool which gives its customers free or charges Wi-Fi in exchange for their information. Through this platform, companies will be able to offer free Wi-Fi to the public and the customers will allow sharing their information in return.

Beginning with aims

During his school days, he wasn’t even sure about his future plans. He normally rejected the idea to study at the university level as a conventional career study. He’s planning to be an accountant professional didn’t work as well; he got a failure in doing ACCA. With ideas to be innovative and come up as a self-maker worked as he got certifications in CCIE and got offers at an early age of 21. Declining the offers even from an international telecom company, he moved forward to start up a Company, which got him losses and ended after 10 months. This was his major turning point and he started doing the job as a freelancer online and in the meantime looking for a startup improved idea again. Eventually, he got success in founding Wifigen which allows creating coordination between the customers and companies. It allows Wi-Fi to be accessible to public free in return they will receive discounts and store promotions by companies.

About the startup ‘Wifigen’

He attracted the attention of his client who realized his potential. Starting with conversation, they introduced themselves to each other through Skype call. The client revealed himself to be the former IBM vice president of IT and an intellectual mind in business economy.  Bilal put forward his idea before John Patrick (client) who liked his idea and approved to invest in his startup. Wifigen grabbed the attention globally with a $1million value.

Wifigen is a unique technique which allows its users to be connected with mobile or other devices. With advancements in technology, advertising has emerged as the most exciting tool for today’s world. Socially this kind of Wi-Fi technology will engage its users and will benefit both the consumers and the companies operating through it. Wifigen has added tremendous benefits to the advertising market and other digital media services. Artificial intelligence is done right this way enabling customers to link to the company profiles and then follow up them on twitter or Facebook.

What’s next?

 Wifigen has received its funding from the Silicon Valley investor, as sources revealed. It has already got investment from the New Zealand area and done varied successful projects with Unilever and Tourism Company in Thailand also since it aims to expand its set up in the neighbouring country Australia.

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