Pakistani Entrepreneur synchronized Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn

ePatcher: Hassan Javed synchronized Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn

Pakistan is rich in talented young people who are always coming up with brilliant ideas, making this country progress by leaps and bounds. Especially when it comes to the field of technology, Pakistani youngsters are no less than the people of any other developed state. Their inventions and hard work has made this country proud time and again. One such brilliant brain is Hassan Javed from Multan who is a self-taught programmer. He started off his journey of developing a social media platform back in 2014. After several experiments and testing, he finally launched his own website ePatcher on 1st February 2017.

This tech venture of Hassan focuses on combining the three famous social networks i.e Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn at one place. People can sign up on ePatcher and interact with each other like Facebook, follow the latest trends like Twitter and build a professional network like LinkedIn. They can also create their CVs so that professionals may reach out to them. One main aspect of this website is that it doesn’t require its users to fill in their personal information while signing up. It only obtains your IP address and browser information.

Hassan is currently focusing on increasing the user base of his website so that he can develop marketing strategies and transform it to a better platform. He further says that he can make much more advancements in the field of technology only if he is provided with financial support by the government.

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