Meet Hamza Sheikh: Pakistan’s Youngest Billionaire from Pakistan makes $50k a Month

Hamza Sheikh and his £100,000 gold Maserati

SOURCE: Freelancer Merissa Richards

Thing Young Entrepreneur born and raised in Pakistan, is making $50,000 a month.

This young Pakistani student has created chaos on the Internet. Ever since an article was posted about him online, people have raised a lot of questions and everyone is demanding answers quite impatiently. They all want to know how he reached the position he is currently at and what would they have to do to achieve a similar level of success? But one thing should be a note, jokes apart, nothing ever comes easy. There are always immense efforts and sleepless nights behind the curtains that make any success story possible.

The difference is just that the world does not see the whole process it took him to reach where he is now, they only found out about him after he achieved this success. Hence, this is the reason why everyone is just losing their minds over how did he come to the top so quickly without doing anything apparent? Here are few of your questions answered and hopefully this will clear up any confusion that you may have about Hamza Sheikh and what he does exactly.

Who is Hamza Sheikh?

He is originally from the city of Karachi in Pakistan. His family is also of Pakistani origin. His story is a bit different than the usual billionaires who run the streets. He does not belong to an extremely rich family; in fact, him and his family faced immense poverty before he found his way and was able to fulfill his dreams. He has made his way to the top with a lot of hard work. He did not build this empire of fancy super cars and expensive taste overnight.

He was unfazed by the poverty that he was living in and made a decision for himself that went on to change his life forever. He became a strong motivator and believed in himself and his dreams, which magnified so much that it pushed him forward to finally be able to provide for himself and make a separate identity for himself in this cruel, difficult world.

What did he do?

Every student who is currently enrolled in a university has a lot of dreams and aspirations that they want to fulfill in their life but due to the huge amount of expenses that come with the choice to study abroad, it becomes very difficult for them to follow their dreams. However, Hamza Sheikh did something not everyone thinks about and he was one of the very few people who succeeded in changing their life around for themselves.

He had to take loans for his phone and laptop in order to start somewhere. What he did was, he put in all his effort into learning how to work in Binary Option. He predicted that according to the current rate that he was earning and saving at, he would not be able to make his dreams come true anytime soon. So he turned to this Binary Option job that needs to be worked on online. This job requires a few hours of your day to practice and excel in it but the best part about it is that you are not working under anyone so you do not have to report to anyone about what you have done etc. you work on it at your own comfort and it is suitable for different people’s personalities.

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How did he start?

While studying abroad, starting out like everybody else he took up a basic job of a cashier in a store. He is a student in Regent’s University and had big dreams but not enough money to make it all happen. So, when he came across this website that was about the Binary Option job, he decided to give it a shot. It initially was a difficult decision since he was already under loans for his phone and laptop while bearing people’s comments about how it will not do anything for himself with this gimmicky online job. However, he chose to not listen to people and did his own thing, something that was a perfect fit according to his personality.

Hamza Sheikh's £100,000 gold Maserati

Hamza Sheikh’s £100,000 gold Maserati. Source: Daily Mail Online

How it works is that once you have registered online, you are allotted a dummy account with an initial amount of $10,000 that you practice with. The practice process takes a bit of time since this is a completely new idea to wrap your head around. So when he started practicing and realized he understood the procedure, then he invested his own money and started working officially. Then, before he could realize, he was earning a lot of money and this was pretty surprising for him too. He could not believe how far he has come with working on his own and a much bigger surprise was how he could fulfil all his dreams without hesitating for a second.

How much did he earn in his early life?

Initially, when he was working in a store as a cashier, he considered himself to be lucky thinking that he had quite a comfortable, well-paid job. He was earning $500 per month from that job and could save a little amount after catering to all the necessary expenses for the month. His biggest dream was to buy a gold plated Maserati, but for the 2 years that he worked as a cashier he was only able to save $30,000, which was not even close to what he needed to make his dream come true.

How much is he currently earning?

Hamza Sheikh Payment from binary options trading

After he started working online on Binary Options, he was able to make a whopping $50,000 per day without even finding the need to leave his house to go and spend hours working in some random stores. This job has made it possible for him to achieve his goals in life at such a young, tender age. Through this job, he was honoured with being known by everyone as the youngest billionaire of Faisalabad, Pakistan.

Where does he live?

He is currently residing in one of the most affluent localities of West London, Mayfair. It is a very expensive and prestigious area to live in.

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