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National Incubation Center Accepting First Round of Startup Applications till 25 December

National Incubation Center, Rise Pakistan

Pakistan is a nation whose youth is rich in talent. Talk to any person under the age of, let’s say, 25 and they will be full of opinions and ideas, and a certain wistfulness for making something of themselves. “There is a lot of talent in Pakistan but there are no opportunities” how many times have you heard this quote? So what is the solution? Because identifying the problem and then just abandoning it isn’t going to take anyone anywhere. What if in an ideal world, a budding entrepreneur is given the proper guidance he requires to grow and move forth? What could be better? Fortunately, in Pakistan, some entities do care. And they have come up with a grand solution in the form of NIC-the National Incubation Center.

The Ministry of International Technology and Telecommunication (MOITT), partnered with National ICT R&D fund, Jazz and Teamup. They have launched a unique technology hub called The National Incubation Center. It is unique because it offers something others don’t with a free of cost workspace, seed funding incubation acceleration and an access to a whopping 50 million plus mobile customers.

There will be international and local partners involved who will be working with NIC. These include FB Start, Hult Prize, Invest to Innovate (i2i) and Acumen fund. Their mission is to promote economic growth in Pakistan through innovation in information and communication technology.

The best thing about this new setup is the unlimited access to opportunities which it offers to the budding entrepreneurs. They will have full access to leading industry tycoons and world-class mentors who will point them in the right direction toward achieving their full potential. The NIC will also be facilitating the new startups with the resources they require to build stable viable companies, which will have a direct positive impact on the economic growth of Pakistan. The NIC will start accepting the first batch of applications for its startup program from Dec 8th 2016. New tech startups who are interested in better chances at development and growth are encouraged and welcomed to apply to the largest incubation program in Pakistan.

MOITT minister Anusha Rahman Khan, who is the backbone of this program, views NIC as a golden opportunity for people who are budding businessmen or entrepreneurs. For her, it is a premeditated initiative focusing on economic growth and encouraging innovation.

“The National Incubation Center will provide state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities to foster economic growth through innovation and wealth creation. Through this initiative, we hope to encourage an ecosystem of indigenous product development in the arena of ICTs. This initiative is in pursuance with Vision of the Government of Pakistan, which endeavors to encourage entrepreneurship-led growth. These tech start-ups will help us as a nation better embrace the innovation-centric knowledge economy.” Anusha Rahman Khan – Minister of State for Information Technology and Telecom

Pakistan is making leaps and bounds in its economic growth. It might not seem that way as yet, but solid, reliable programs like the NIC are taking form, and if these small programs keep taking shape and standing their ground. There is no limit to what this nation can achieve. Encouraging and facilitating small entrepreneurs and giving them proper guidance and mentorship will go a long way in making sure that the economy stabilizes and stays that way.

The National ICT R&D fund CEO and chairman of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, Dr Syed Ismail Shah seems to agree. He views this center as a significant component for Pakistan’s economic development.

National ICT R&D Fund is committed to bringing about a technology revolution in Pakistan by motivating both academia and industry to perform research and develop state-of-the-art technologies and software. National Incubation Center will provide an innovative system designed to assist entrepreneurs and inventors in the development of new technology-based firms. It will effectively link talent, technology, capital and skill in order to accelerate the development of new businesses and thereby help the commercialization of technology.” Dr Syed Ismail Shah – Chairman, PTA & CEO, National ICT R&D Fund

Jazz will be playing a pivotal role in this program. The JAZZ xlr8 program at the NIC will be offering the new potential companies complete access to Jazz’s user base of 50 million plus customers, digital platforms and an international network of mentors. It will also be providing precious expertise and guidance to the newcomers so they can reach their full potential and have the resources to use it to their maximum capability. Jazz xlr8 works in line with Vimpelcomm’s   “Make Your Mark initiative” whose mission is to help shape the future generation through experience, maximum exposure and seed funds. 5 teams will be taken to the World Conference in Spain under the supervision of Jazz xlr8 program for world recognition. This center is a great platform for polishing new talent and building it even further.

Aamir Ibrahim CEO of Mobilink and Warid sees the center as a starting point for young entrepreneurs and believes in giving them the proper education and training to bring out their maximum talent.

The National Incubation Center with its Jazz xlr8 program provides a great opportunity to Pakistan’s budding entrepreneurs to let the world know about their immense potential, and how they can use this potential to bring a positive change in the society.Aamir Ibrahim – CEO, Mobilink and Warid, Pakistan

The responsibility of the management of the NIC will fall on the shoulders of Teamup. Teamup is presided over by industry veterans Zouhair Khaliq and Parvez Abbasi and will be facilitating with operational expertise that is required for a successful business. Teamup will be providing startups open communication with seed funding and angel investors and guide the entrepreneurs towards a successful startup.

In Pakistan, where an overwhelming percentage of the population is below 25 years of age, the potential of these young people to influence the future of our country, the region and the world is huge! For any country to develop and eradicate poverty, deprivation, and disenchantment, we need businesses and entrepreneurs to influence economic growth and provide the bedrock of a stable, growing economy. The National Incubation Center will help entrepreneurs to create groundbreaking technologies and businesses which will dramatically change the future and make a difference in people’s lives!Zouhair Khaliq – Co-Founder, Teamup.

To know more about application details please visit: Nice Pakistan Incubation Center