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Muniba Mazari: An inspiring journey from darkness into light – Her Story

In the spirit of honoring successful women of Pakistan, today we are sharing a story of the most courageous and the resilient Pakistani woman, who turned her adversity into an opportunity and gained global attention in a very short span of time. Her courage coupled with her talent led her to unprecedented success. She is an artist, an anchor, a model, a motivational speaker, a singer, an activist and recently has also been selected as Pakistan first UN Goodwill Ambassador to advance gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls. Yes, you got it right. We are talking about the beautiful Muniba Mazari.

The journey to success for this gorgeous lady was never easy. While doing her Bachelor in Fine Arts, she met a horrible road accident that changed her life totally. She was traveling from Karachi to her hometown, Rahim Yar Khan. Unfortunately, the driver slept, and the car fell into a ditch. As a result, Muniba got several serious injuries which left her paraplegic. She spent a ghastly life in those days. She was in a severe torment, both physically and psychologically, and was not only bodily distorted and dreary, but was also mentally lifeless. But that’s not what defines her. She, very soon, realized her inner vigor and never let her past dictate her future. Instead of succumbing to life’s and society’s unfairness, she decided not to sit back at home and lament the twist of fate, she started struggling for a new life, and not only for a new but a new better life. She commenced a battle inside herself; a battle with her broken bones, a battle with her merciless pain, and a battle with her cooped-life situations. She became a real warrior in the battlefield of her life and soon climbed to the zenith of success.

Muniba Mazari’s Inspirational Story:

Muniba seems to be a true believer in Colin Powell’s words that “a dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work” and that is the reason that we see her lot number of achievements and recognition’s today. Turning to her old passion for painting was the first step towards all these achievements and she herself once called it “the best decision that I took in my entire life.” That is how she started coloring her colorless life again. She is known to be a renowned painter today and is running her brand by the name ‘Muniba’s Canvas.’ She was also once hired as one of the content writers for Pakistan first official website, of which Salman Taseer (late) was a CEO. Besides, she is a social activist and a motivational speaker today. The one who was once afraid of living her life is now able enough to urge others for living a better life. Notwithstanding with the restrictions of a body, she believes in the freedom of mind. That is why she awakens the dreary minds of the people, developing a sense of hope in them and inspiring and promoting them in the best possible way. Moreover, she is not only working as an anchor on PTV, but also left her remarkable marks in the field of modeling by becoming ‘Pakistan’s first wheel-chair bound model.’ But the most important of all is that Muniba has been named as Pakistan’s first female Goodwill Ambassador by UN, who will promote gender par and the empowerment of women. She has also been featured in BBC 100 Women List for the year 2015.

Such is the story of an ‘iron-lady’; the one who never let her wheel-chair overwhelm her, and the one who never let her cage-life to be her affliction and her impuissance. She made use of every strength; she had in herself and not only the use but the best use of it. She never cloaked and concealed from the miseries and soreness of life. She faced them and proved herself to be the best warrior; the warrior who snatched her freedom from her prison-world and the warrior who won her battle against her agonies and woes. One cannot appreciate light, unless he has tasted darkness; one cannot appreciate health, until he has tasted sickness, one cannot appreciate strength, until he has tasted weakness; one can turn around, one can make the past be a driving force to make him move forward and never to fall back into the woes and torments again; and Muniba Mazari is a live emblem of such a person. She has taught everyone that these agonies and bleakness in our lives are not meant to devastate us but are the ways to success if rightly understood.