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Top 10 Most Influential Tech Leaders in Pakistan 2018

Are you a bugging technology entrepreneur in Pakistan and struggling with your startup? And stuck with the countless problems of infrastructure, electricity, terrorism in Pakistan? Don’t lose hope because we are here with some inspiring success stories of top technology entrepreneurs in Pakistan, who, apart from facing so many challenges and hurdles in Pakistan, still managed to survive and climbed the ladder of success in the field of information technology. Below is the list of Top Technopreneurs in Pakistan.

List of Top Tech Entrepreneurs from Pakistan:

Here is the list of Top Technopreneurs in Pakistan

Salim Ghauri Netsol Most Influential Tech Entrepreneur
Salim Ghauri Netsol CEO

1. Salim Ghauri:

Born in Bahawalpur to an entrepreneurial father, Salim had the entrepreneurial germs in his blood. Salim Ghauri is a renowned IT Entrepreneur of Pakistan with over 37 years of IT experience. Salim Ghauri started his career in the IT sector in Saudi Arabia where he worked for Citibank. Later, he moved to Australia and then to Pakistan in 1996 to form NetSol Technologies. Although at that time, there was not much awareness about Information Technology in Pakistan, but Salim with his continuous struggle and dedication overcame all the barriers. Today, NetSol has achieved a global recognition as a leading supplier of IT software and solutions of finance and leasing companies, capturing over 90% percent of the Chinese Auto Leasing market. Under Salim’s leadership, NetSol gained immense value becoming the first and the only Pakistani company trading on NASDAQ since 1999 and achieving CMMI Level 5 certification.

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Salim faced the challenging times of his career when the IT market collapsed in 2001. The company suffered huge losses and lost many clients, but this brave man managed to make a comeback with his efforts. He is currently the Founder & CEO of NetSol Technologies, Honorary Consul of Australia for Punjab, Member Board of Director for “British Business Centre”, Charter Member of TiE Lahore Chapter and Member of American Business Forum.

Umar Saif Most Influential Tech Leader Pakistan
Umar Saif Pakistani computer scientist and entrepreneur

2. Umar Saif:

Umar Saif is an ex- Aitchisonian and a LUMS graduate. He did his Ph.D. from Trinity College, Cambridge at the age of 22. He has also taught at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology from 2001 to 2005. But  Umar decided to return to his homeland and serve his country. He became the first Vice Chancellor of Information Technology University ITU at the age of 34 and thus became the youngest vice chancellor of Pakistan. This young entrepreneur set up Pakistan’s first startup incubator called the Saif Center of Innovation (SCI). This incubator helped in founding several startups in Pakistan. He also runs the Dritte Initiative, which aims to provide helpful solutions using technology in the developing countries. Mr. Saif is also famous for “See n Report”. It is one of its kind journalism services in Pakistan. It was developed at the time of political turmoil and media ban in Pakistan to help the social activists raise their voice through mobiles.

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During his tenure as the Chairman of the Punjab IT Board, Umar Saif took many initiatives for the betterment of police, high courts, city district governments, health using technology. His major development in the field of health was to design mobile based epidemic warning system during the dengue fever epidemic in Punjab in 2012. He also launched Plan 9, which is Pakistan’s first public sector startup incubator. Due to his countless efforts, Umar Saif has grabbed many awards like Sitara e Imtiaz in 2014, Young Global Leader, World Economic Forum in 2010. His name also appeared in The 500 Most Influential Muslims In The World in 2015.

Jehan Ara Most Influential Tech Entrepreneur
Jehan Ara (P@SHA) and The Nest I/O

3. Jehan Ara:

Jehan Ara was born in Karachi but spent early times of her life in Hong Kong. She also got a job in Hong Kong but moved back to Pakistan in 1990’s and started a multimedia company by the name of Enabling Technologies in partnership with Zaheer Kidvai. Later on, Miss Ara joined P@SHA (Pakistan Software Houses Association). Due to her hard work and enthusiasm, she became the president of P@SHA in 2001 and still she is successfully running the same post with the same spirit.

Jehan Ara has got 29 years of experience in marketing, communications, and interactive media. The Google-funded incubator space NEST I/O was also initiated by her. She is a successful entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and a social activist. She is an active advocate for the cyber freedom and net neutrality in Pakistan.

Farhan Masood Most Influential Tech Entrepreneur
farhan masood solotech

4. Farhan Masood:

This shining star was introduced to the international media by Voice of America in 1997 when he launched the world’s first website in Urdu, Persian, and Arabic language. Soon he was recognized by top multinationals and governments all over the world. Farhan Masood achieved many executive positions in the private and government sector of UAE and UK. He has worked for ELC Systems, Adobe Systems Inc, British Telecom, Dubai e-government, Abu Dhabi Ministry of Defense and Abu Dhabi Police. Farhan came back to Pakistan in 2005. He started working as an advisor at the Ministry of Revenue by Punjab Chief Minister. He also served in the Ministry of Interior and Narcotics as an advisor on technical issues. Furthermore, he developed the Exit Control List Database System of Pakistani airports and checkpoints. With the collaboration of American Entrepreneur, Carter Kennedy, Farhan Masood founded the Solo Insight, which is a facial recognition software and used for security purposes in many large scale organizations.

Currently, Mr. Masood is the Chairman and Chief Technology Officer of the Sole Insight Inc, which is a 7th generation idea to register millions of records on a device with a very powerful backup mechanism. This genius has grabbed 31 international awards and eight national awards like Asia Pacific ICT Awards (first received from Australia and then Malaysia), Global Innovation Through Science and Technology (Turkey).

Zeeshan Akhtar Q Mobile Most Influential Tech Entrepreneur
Zeeshan Akhtar, CEO QMobile

5. Zeeshan Akhtar:

The Chairman and CEO of Q- Mobile need no introduction for his company. Zeeshan Akhtar is the youngest entrepreneur in Pakistan’s mobile industry. Having completed his education from the USA in 2003, Zeeshan worked for multinational giants like LG, Samsung and Microsoft. Using this vast experience, he came up with his mobile brand in Pakistan by the name of Q-Mobile in 2008. Zeeshan Akhtar is known for his no compromise attitude on quality, excellent customer care, and attractive prices which lead to the success of Q- Mobile. The brand won the souvenir of “Brand Scientist Award” in 2012 for providing quality and innovative mobiles at reasonable prices. In 2013, Q- Mobile acquired 50% shares in Pakistan’s mobile market and reached to the level of 65% at the end of the same year.

Monis Rehman Most Influential tech leader Pakistan
Monis Rehman Rozee.pk CEo

6. Monis Rahman:

Monis Rahman has a college degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Wisconsin at Madison and a Masters in Computer Engineering from Standford University. He is the Chairman, CEO, and Founder of Naseeb Networks Inc. He took a start in a small room of 130 employees, and soon it became Pakistan’s 8th fastest growing company.

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Monis Rahman became famous for his remarkable launch of ROZEE in 2006. It is the largest and the most powerful recruiting website of Pakistan. Until now it has received more than 40,000 job applications. It has won brand of the year award two times consecutively. Monis Rahman was featured in the Forbes Magazine as the Ten Big Hitting Asian Businessmen Under 50. He also won Pakistan Power 100 Excellence Award. Currently, Monis Rahman is on the Board of Governors of TiE Lahore, The Lahore Chapter of the Indus Entrepreneurs. He is also serving on the Advisory Board of Acumen Fund and Board of Director of KASHF Microfinance Bank.

Wahaj Siraj Most Influential Tech Leader Pakistan
Wahaj-us-siraj, CEO Nayatel

7. Wahaj us Siraj:

Born to a family of mostly doctors, this Hafiz e Quran grew up an exceptional case in his family with his love and passion for information technology. Wahaj has done his BSC Mechanical Engineering from UET Lahore and then worked in the Pakistan Council of Appropriate Technologies. He got a scholarship for his Masters in Engineering from the University of Melbourne, Australia. He joined the Ministry and served the government of Pakistan. After serving the government for 15 years, Mr. Siraj decided to bid farewell to his job and enjoy the freedom of work by plunging into the field of entrepreneurship.

Wahaj us Siraj co-founded the Micronet Broadband Pvt Ltd, which was the first company to provide DSL services to Pakistan in 2002. The turning event of his life happened in 2006 when he founded Naya Tel Pvt Ltd. It was Pakistan’s first fiber to the home (FTTH) project in Islamabad that provided high-speed Internet access to business and home users. It transformed the future of the city of Islamabad by connecting the city through optic wires. Their biggest competitor is PTCL as Mr. Siraj faced the challenge of funding. But due to the excellent quality of their services, Naya Tel has overcome every kind of financial hurdle in its path and is serving thousands of customers in Islamabad and aiming to expand its services to 9 to 10 other major cities of Pakistan.

Zeeshal-ul-hassan usmani Most Influential Tech Entrepreneur
Zeeshal-ul-hassan usmani Data Scientist

8. Zeeshan-Ul-Hassan Usmani:

Zeeshan Ul Hassan is the inspiration for those people who belong to the small cities of Pakistan and get to spend their early lives in such cities. Although getting his primary and secondary education in Sukkur and his bachelor’s degree from Khairpur, this tech entrepreneur is now considered as the Pakistani data scientist and scholar in the field of Computer Sciences.

Zeeshan completed his Masters in I.T from Pimsat Karachi. But the sky was the limit for him. He did multiple masters later on in his life despite getting married and a father of three adorable sons. He did another Master from Florida Institute of Technology by availing the FullBright Scholarship Program. His Ph.D. was also from Florida Institute of Technology in 2009.

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During his studies in 2001, Mr. Usmani published his first book on C++ Programming. Today he is the author of more than 50 publications and 12 books. He is the co-founder of Go- Fig Solutions Private Limited. Currently, Mr. Usmani is working on Hourglass, a massive technology project, and leading a  team of 51 people from four countries. He has got R n D experience of more than ten years and featured in numerous magazines. He became the Eisenhower Fellow in 2012. In the same year, he was awarded the Best IT Innovation Award. He also received the Teradata IT Excellence Award in R&D in 2013.

Zeeshan Ali Khan Zameen.com Most Influential Tech Entrepreneur
Zeeshan Ali Khan, CEO Zameen.com

9. Zeeshan Ali Khan:

Zeeshan Ali Khan is the man who revolutionized the real estate industry of Pakistan by coming up with the idea of Zameen. He had a degree in Chemical Engineering from the Imperial College of  London. Instead of going for a job, Zeeshan opted to open an e-commerce portal in the UK. Later on, he was joined by his brother. Despite having a British Nationality, Farhan had always dreamt of going back to his homeland and to do something for the people of Pakistan. He along with his brother developed Zameen.com in Pakistan in 2006 owing to the lack of a reliable online database for real estate industry. It was the first company in Pakistan to get venture funding. But due to Farhan’s great effort, he was able to get funding from many international companies. Zameen.com has taken the real estate of Pakistan to another level by creating online real estate database and working in almost 12 cities of Pakistan.

Farhan Masood is also the co-founder of Bayut.com (2007) and over a 100 of many other websites related to different fields. He is an active participant in international conferences where he puts a positive image of Pakistan to the international world.

Raza Saeed Pakwheels Most Influential Tech Entrepreneur
Raza Saeed, CEO Pakwheels.com

10. Raza Saeed:

The man behind the famous website Pakwheels, Raza Saeed is also the CEO of Confiz Solutions. He did his graduation in Computer Sciences and was also an inspiring entrepreneur always coming up with some unique and different ideas since his university days. In 2002, Raza Saeed wanted to automate the meter reading system in Pakistan and presented his idea in an international competition, but unfortunately, he could not make it to the top ten. Raza did not lose hope and chose to raise funds from individuals and bring this idea to a commercial level. He started his software and consulting company to raise the required revenue. Confiz Solutions was set up in 2005 with over 120 employees to provide technology services. Raza Saeed started the well-known website PakWheels.com. It is the website where you can find your dream car very easily and can find the prospective buyer for your vehicle by uploading pictures and all relevant details of your car. it has made the buying and selling of automobiles very convenient in Pakistan. Raza Saeed is the source of inspiration for the fresh graduates of Pakistan who find it very challenging and tough to take a risk and establish their venture.

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