Pakistan’s first medical simulation center introduced Robotic Patient Simulators for future Doctors

Pakistan’s first medical simulation center for Future Doctors

Pakistan’s first medical simulation center opens at AKU

Medical science has had a great level of development in the recent time. Nevertheless, it is not only the medical science that has had such great development with the time but the technology has also had a great improvement. Both the cellular technology and the medical technology have helped the human being in progressing ahead in a great manner. Not only has this but with the passage of the time, the life of a human being started becoming even easier and convenient. With the rapid improvement in the medical technology, it has been made easy to help the general people in getting rid of the diseases that were extremely difficult to even diagnose in the previous years. The change in technology has also helped the doctors in finding out the diseases that were difficult in the past to diagnose. One major example of the development of the medical technology is the simulation system. The first simulation system has finally been inaugurated in Pakistan.

The simulation system:

The inauguration of the simulation system has come up with great results. It has made it easier for the medical students to get better at what they do. The simulation system has been there for the students that study in the foreign universities. This made it easier for them to work on the mannequins and investigate the working of a real body. However, the facility of such kind was not available for the Pakistani students but now, with the inauguration of the new simulation center has Puppet based recreations utilize high loyalty test systems, mannequins that inhale, with breath sounds and obvious heartbeats. Likewise, the system has a screen that can show vessel shapes, aspiratory frames, analgesic gasses, and so forth. Methods can be performed on the test systems, for example, pack cover ventilation, incubation, defibrillation, mid-section tube arrangement and others.

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The real life mannequins:  

Utilizing puppets as a part of clinical recreations permits future and current doctors to ‘practice on plastic’ first. The truth of puppet-based reenactments takes into account virtual criticism utilizing PCs that control the puppet’s compressors, mirroring heartbeats and mid-section rising. These life-like puppets recreate heart tones and other key signals that when associated with screens, gives constant data to understudies. By rehearsing genuine clinical aptitudes in a sheltered and directed environment, future doctors learn lasting and superb assessment and treatment systems.

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The convenience:

With the help of the simulation system, it has been made it easier for all the medical students in getting their hands on the right kind of experimentation and trials. Initially, the students and the doctors had to work on the real life humans. This caused a lot of issues for these humans as it had the risk of the lives of the humans who were under the experimentation. These new mannequins make it easier for the medical students to work on the real life mannequins that have the same built as the humans have. They have the similar internal system as the real human being has which makes the experimentation convenient.