MCB introduced SME Credit Cards for Small Businesses in Pakistan


MCB SME Credit Card for Business in Pakistan

MCB (Muslim Commercial Bank) being has been established in the year 1947 with the aim to provide its customers will a lifelong changing experience through banking services.

With the Bank for Life experience, MCB provides its customers with passionate and dedicated experience throughout the financial matters and supporting the customers for a prosperous future.

Vision & Mission

The bank serves with the mission for leading as a financial services provider ensuring a secure future for its customers. Among the largest banking solutions and second largest in Pakistan for a long-term financial dealing. A committed team of professionals is here for providing innovative solutions for the financial needs of the customers and building a long-term relationship. Investors and shareholders benefit in collaboration with the MCB network.

With the integrity to work for the best possible solutions and delivering every service with responsibility makes MCB a worthy experience. Thinking beyond the boundaries is the innovation in MCB working and it encourages people for doing challenging work and bringing forward conventional ideas. With the excellent merit policy and reward opportunity, MCB has always worked for the customer care and client satisfaction.

MCB respects and values its customer’s beliefs, gender equality, and diverse environment enabling each individual to succeed. MCB bring forward new ideas for business investors both on small, medium and large scale. Transactional revolution has been pioneered through MCB in collaboration with metro cash and carry for the customers benefit.

SME Business Products

MCB Bank offers a range of Deposit and Funding solutions to suit the customer’s needs.

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1. Deposit Products

MCB’s Deposit offers products for the convenience of SME’s & other business sectors. Companies can choose from a list of products depending upon their requirements, MCB business account, MCB 365 Savings Gold Account and MCB Salary Club Account has been designed to cater the customer’s financial requirements.

2. Financing Products

allows small and medium enterprises to expand their business to meet all SME sectors. MCB provides loans to both small and medium scale business sectors. Working capital facilities are with the diverse range of products aimed at meeting the requirements of its customers. Fund based and non-fund based facilities are provided taken into account the business requirements.


MCB now introduces its transactional revolution with MCB SME Card to offer unique technology and concepts in consumer, commercial and corporate banking. This is the first time; MCB has been introducing this offer for small enterprises (SEs) & Medium Enterprises (MEs) against a card being operated at selected MCB machines only. This model benefits the business needs with funds for intended business ventures.

Now SME is offering a load up to PKR 5 million to help the business professionals grow their business through the exciting features of SME card.

SME Credit Card Features:

  • Secure transactions
  • No borrowing cost

This model is a substantial relief for the SMEs to eliminate the challenges in economic growth by reducing their financial cost. The need of such product has been acknowledged in the local market with the contribution to overall global an integral part of Pakistan’s economy. A specially customized financial product by MCB has been revealed as MCB’s huge growth opportunity. MCB’s zero borrowing cost and easy financing through SME card have come up as a great opportunity.

In the initial phase, cards will be operational at selected retail sale points and metro retail outlets throughout Pakistan. There will be security and interest for both card holders and the bank. The customer’s identity has been verified before usage and PIN code can be used by the cardholder to withdraw funds.

MCB Credit Card benefits & Usage:

The customer will benefit from the zero-cost facility and they will have to pay the monthly bill for the amount of credit they have used. A lot of paperwork is not required, only a simple documentation can serve the purpose. Documents required can be

  • personal bank statement
  • audited statement of the business
  • financial guarantees from the owners and directors of the company

The card limit depends upon the pattern of buying by SMEs and value and volume of the transactions. It’s a monthly utilization settlement model with zero borrowing cost facility. MCB aims to directly benefit the customer with a lot of interest for consumers and corporate sectors.

The MCB team believes in providing its product benefits to the right customer and is organizing sessions for orientation of this card in Metro Outlets.