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Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg applauded Pakistani Start-up Club Internet


Mark Zuckerberg applauded Hassan Baig, CEO Club Internet

Recently, a meeting held in unison with the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Club Internet Hassan Baig, and agents of the world’s famous companies such as Amazon, Tesla, and Tinder, each representing their respective countries. Hassan Baig, who represented Pakistan, earned his country fame, honor, and a good image by showing various ways through which the operation of global networking can be redesigned to meet the needs of all people. This summit took place in San Francisco’s Fort Mason after Zuckerberg finished his nucleus address.

Club Internet is a start-up that aims at bringing internet know-how to far-flung areas, particularly those parts of Pakistan where people do not even know the meaning of the internet, let alone using it. The Club wants people of Pakistan to gain as much knowledge about technology and the Internet as possible. They are struggling hard to make use of internet common across many underprivileged areas of Pakistan. They promulgate education and schedule instructing guides in many villages of Pakistan regarding the usage of Internet. One of the most noteworthy achievements of club internet is that it was featured on CNN for its demonstration of how mobile innovation has smoothened the way to make rational decisions and help take insightful steps to instruct people about the utilization of the Internet.

Hassan Baig spoke as a mouthpiece of Pakistan. He conveyed the commodities under which the global networking operates need to be re-envisioned having in his mind the people who still do not have access to the internet, that too in the 21st century. Baig also exemplified his start-up business. He told that the Club Internet, in Pakistan, is resolving the problem of “unconnectedness” that prevails in the country where there is a great need for access to the internet. If the people of these deprived parts of Pakistan are provided with internet facilities, they will not lag behind in this modern world. He also presented forth his perception of the globe where computerized technology will be followed and operated in a more highbrow ways. These objectives were highly encouraged by all the persons that were present there.

In this meeting, Mark Zuckerberg also communicated about the Facebook’s efforts of guiding people across the world to come together and eliminate the stumbling block of unconnectedness all around the world. Zuckerberg commended Baig’s club excessively and said that it will work as a catalyst which will speed up the efforts of turning this world into a global village. He, also impressed by the concepts and notions of Baig’s club, said that it will help Facebook achieve its aims. Moreover, he asserted at the meeting that they follow the studies and explorations the members of the club have done, which is a real achievement for Club Internet and above all for Pakistan