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21 Unique Ways to make Someone Smile

Life in today’s time has become extremely challenging as well as stressful. With the passage of time, people have started getting involved in their own lives and have forgotten about the issues of the other people. We have rather forgotten what it feels like to lighten up the other person’s day and bring a smile to his/her face. Getting engrossed in our own lives actually has led to making our lives unsatisfactory. No matter how much we try, we do not get successful in living a content life. If you are one of those people who have a great job, well-settled life and an amazing social life and still find the void in your life, you should try to change your lifestyle a bit.

Things that make people happy:

Instead of looking for the happiness, you need to start practicing providing happiness to the people around you. Once you start doing that, you will get to know that life has become a lot easier than before. You can bring a smile to a person’s face through many ways. The best thing about it is that you will not have to make much effort for it. Taking the stress out of someone’s life even for just five minutes will satisfy you to the core. Some of the easiest and most convenient ways through which you can bring a smile to someone’s face are:

Give Flowers to Friends - Make Someone Smile

1. Send flowers and amaze a friend:

Flowers are adorable and so is your partner! Life at a workplace is quite stressful and if you have ever been a working person, you would know that quite well. The stress of politics around you and the number of tasks to be done really put a pressure to a person’s life. The best strategy in this situation is to send a bouquet of flowers to your partner at his/her workplace address and that will surely brighten up their day. They will forget the stress for some time and will think of all the good things they have in life which of course include YOU!

Give a random Compliment - Make someone smile

2. Give a random compliment:

Who doesn’t like looking good? And, who doesn’t like being told that he/she looks good? Complementing the other person surely bring a wide smile to his face and lightens up the face for quite a long period. The best time to do that is when you see that your friend or a colleague is having a bad day and looks a little stressed out. Just reach out to him/her and give a random compliment about the appearance or the personality. You will see the results in seconds.

Charity is the Best way - Make People Smile

3. Charity is the best way:

What is better than making someone’s life better by using the resources that you have? Researchers have always maintained that giving off charity doesn’t only make the other person happy but at the same times, makes you a satisfied person. For this, all you need to do is to find the need of the other person and ensure that you fulfill it. The sight of that happy person after this act of yours will give you immense pleasure.

Lunch with Friends - Make Someone Happy

4. Go for a quick but quite lunch:

Nothing is better than hanging out with a friend. This gets even better when you take a friend who is stressing out over something to a lunch. Serving them with the food that they love is surely one of the best make people happy. Alongside, this will also lighten your mood as well and will be a quick source to give you pleasure.

Be Chivalrous - Make Someone Smile

5. Be chivalrous:

Good manners take you a long way. Chivalry is somewhat dead these days and if any random person shows some good behavior, it surprises the people. Just come up with random chivalrous acts like opening the door for someone and make someone happy.

Hug your Parents - Make Someone Smile

6. Call your partner or Hug them:

We are mostly looking for random things to make our partners happy. Less do we know that happiness of your partner lies in small acts. All you need to do is to make a surprise call to your partner at a workplace and tell them how much you miss being around them. Or, you can just give an impromptu hug to them and make them feel good.

Post a Card to your Loved one - Make Someone Smile

7. Post a card:

In this era of digital technology, handwritten cards have lost their charms. No one really bothers to send a card to the loved one even on the special occasion. Sending a card to your loved one will actually make your friend or partner feel immensely good. Alongside, writing a card and pouring your feelings into it is surely one of the best things to make you happy.

Buy Something for Friends - Make Someone Smile

8. Buy something for your friend:

If your friend has ever told you what he or she likes and you spot that thing in a shop, do not waste even a single second in buying it. You can surprise your friend by handing that much-loved thing to him/her and it will bring a wide smile to the face. Along with that, you can also give a random call to your friend to ask if he/she needs something from the market and this will make them as well as you feel good.

Hangout with Friends - Make Someone Smile

9. Hang out with your friend:

Now this does not mean going to a crowded restaurant and eating amidst using your mobile phone. Rather, go to quite a place on a rainy day and have a good day with your friend. Plan a picnic and come up with the activities that will let you spend enough time with your friend.

Make kids feel better about themselves - Make someone smile

10. Make your kids feel better about themselves:

Nothing can make your child feel better than the realization that you are proud of him/her. If you observe that your kid is spending stressful time currently, just sit with him and let him know that you are and have always been proud of him. This will bring an immense amount of satisfaction within him and he will try his level best to outdo himself.

11. Make a surprise phone call to your parent at work, say Hi.

12. Hold a Door open for someone walking behind you.

13. Hug your Parents for No reason.

14. Leave a Joke on Friend’s answer Machine.

15. Give up your seat on the Train to someone when there aren’t any left.

16. Share your umbrella on a rainy day.

17. Ask your parents if they need anything while you’re out shopping.

18. When it’s raining, Plan an indoor picnic with your Parents and Children.

19. Leave a love letter somewhere where your partner will find it.

20. Tell your child you’re proud of them.

21. Let Someone know you Miss them.