Top 50 Startups in Pakistan 2019 – List of Best Startups in Pakistan

Pakistani Top startup Sukoon

Rank 31: Sukoon

Founders: Shoaib Iqbal, Qazi Umair

Category: Online Services

Year Found: 2015

Description: This startup is a Karachi based home repair solution service for the homemakers working with high investment and growth as a one-stop maintenance solution for the customer’s comfort.

Pakistani Top startup DockIt

Rank 32: DockIt

Founders: Muhammad Uns

Category: Online Services

Year Found: 2016

Description: This startup is ranked in Top 15 Growth Startups in Pakistan with the role of a middleman between vendors and niche. This startup will offer Discounts on top brands in Pakistan.

Pakistani Top startup PerkUp

Rank 33: PerkUp

Founders: Abdullah Soomro

Category: Rewards, CRM

Year Found: 2015

Description: This startup provide its customers with a loyalty and engagement platform with services to facilitate business professionals and consumers.

Pakistani Top startup Interacta

Rank 34: Interacta

Founders: Muhammaz Maaz Kamal

Category: Apps, Information Technology

Year Found: 2014

Description: This startup is a technology that is specifically targeting at making T.V an interactive service for its users. Engaging with TV/ media and winning FREE phone credits, listen to the content and get interesting related content.

Pakistani Top startup

Rank 35:

Founders: Farooq Haider, Aown Abbas, Muhammadd Awais

Category: Online Store, Vegetable Store

Year Found: 2015

Description: This startup provides premium services to the clients by delivering best quality products on time with best customers support. It is an online and mobile app based fruits and vegetables delivery service for household consumers and other retailers.

Pakistani Top startup TouchD

Rank 36: TouchD

Founders: Mohammad Mansoor

Category: Mobile/Social application

Year Found: 2014

Description: This startup focuses on improving relationships between family, friends, and customers by serving as a free contact manager & personal relationship manager.

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Pakistani Top startup Edjunction

Rank 37: Edjunction

Founders: Arusha Imtiaz

Category: Education

Year Found: 2014

Description: This startup helps to bridge the communication gap between homes and schools by enabling data sharing between parents, teachers, and students and establishing an ecosystem of communication.

Pakistani Top startup KarloCompare

Rank 38: KarloCompare

Founders: Sumair Farooqui, Ali Ladhubhai

Category: Fintech, Website

Year Found: 2015

Description: This startup helps to compare and save on Pakistani credit cards, loans, insurance, and broadband. It is a web application that helps Pakistani consumers compare, apply or buy personal finance products.

Pakistani Top startup

Rank 39:

Founders: Furquan Kidwai

Category: Ecommerce

Year Found: 2016

Description: This startup is an online one stop shop for the customers all over Pakistan. Online card payment facility is provided and the products according to the customer’s choice are available with best deals.

Pakistani Top startup PriceOye

Rank 40: PriceOye

Founders: Adeel Shaffi

Category: Ecommerce

Year Found: 2015

Description: This is an online website for comparing best prices, specifications and latest mobiles with lowest possible prices. Find the best deals all over Pakistan with just one click.

Pakistani Top startup Meezaj

Rank 41: Meezaj

Founders: Ahmed Izhar

Category: Fashion, Online Shopping

Year Found: 2015

Description: This startup, currently incubated at Plan9, offers a business platform for the fashion and textile design students where they can be launched in the market by showcasing their products to the customers.

Pakistani Top startup Chimera

Rank 42: Chimera

Founders: Sadoon Javaid

Category: Fashion, ECommerce MarketPlace

Year Found: 2015

Description: This startup offers Virtual Reality products/services for fashion retailers which provide its customers with the platform to showcase their products to the customers with the latest technology innovation and marketing strategy.

Pakistani Top startup JustPrice

Rank 43: JustPrice

Founders: Arzish Azam, Muhammad Usman

Category: Website, ECommerce

Year Found: 2015

Description: This startup is Pakistan’s First Shopping experience with all your shopping needs met through the website and the users can find all the products with the best prices.

Pakistani Top startup Cricflex

Rank 44: CricFlex

Founders: Abdullah Ahmed, Muhammad Jazib Khan and Muhammad Asawal

Category: Website, ECommerce

Year Found: 2015

Description: This startup is the world’s first wearable technology for cricket players having a wireless sensor for real-time validation of bowling action in cricket. It is a low cost, the performance-improving technique which can help in detecting illegal bowling action.

Pakistani Top startup Edutative

Rank 45: Edutative

Founders: Hassan Shahid, Muhammad Ahmad, Hira Irshad, Usama Hameed

Category: Education, Software

Year Found: 2014

Description: This startup is the new educational startup with the aim to provide information to students about universities, admissions, scholarships, degree programs and other opportunities for the education sector in Pakistan.

Pakistani Top startup Gas-Drive

Rank 46: Ges-Drive

Founders: Nisar Ahmed Saghir Rizvi Wajid Ali

Category: Education, Gaming

Year Found: 2014

Description: This startup makes video games mainly for physically impaired (special children) but normal people can play as well. It is a medium of enjoyment and therapy treatment for such children.

Pakistani Top startup Sehat

Rank 47: Sehat

Founders: Nadir Mumtaz

Category: Medicine, Online Store

Year Found: 2014

Description: This startup is about finding the right doctor, hospital and getting care with online pharmacy option for its users. A one stop shop for all the healthcare services in Pakistan.

Pakistani Top startup Shadibox

Rank 48: ShadiBox

Founders: Talha Rehman

Category: Online Marketplace / Online Wedding Solution

Year Found: 2015

Description: TThis startup is an online wedding solution for the brides/grooms where they can book, review and make the best arrangements for any wedding or party event. Make your weddings easy with Shadibox!

Pakistani Top startup

Rank 49:

Founders: Wajiha Kanwal, Kashan

Category: Online Store

Year Found: 2016

Description: Pakistan’s first startup with reverse commerce concept where people can buy and sell the Used and new items online. This startup raised 10 million rupees investment from Idea Croron Ka.

Pakistani Top startup Smart DevicesRank 50: Smart Devices

Founders: Abdul Ghaffar

Category: IoT startup

Year Found: 2015

Description: Pakistan’s first IoT startup which allows users to control any electronic device at home or office. This startup is acquired by Orient’s IoT division in 50 million rupees.

Disclaimer: All these are top 50 startups in Pakistan.We gathered the information of their growth and revenue from the internet and then evaluated them accordingly. It’s not the personal research of our team but the information available on the internet. If you want to suggest something, please feel free to comment below.

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