Top 50 Startups in Pakistan 2019 – List of Best Startups in Pakistan

top 50 Best Startups in Pakistan in 2017-2018

With the super rise in the graph of technology, we can take Pakistan ahead of the odds. Pakistan has been in a crucial political instability, poverty and economic fluctuations for many years. However, the scenario has changed just like an after interval part of a movie. Intellectual minds put their success driven ideas to the whole nation to come, learn and contribute and we call them as ‘Entrepreneur’. Entrepreneurs have changed the angle of Pakistan’s economy to its 360 degrees and we can see the name of Pakistan in the top countries with the most effective startup ideas.

The unemployment rate in Pakistan is six percent; that is 3.58 million people who remain unemployed despite being able and willing to work. With startup exposure, you can simply eradicate this taboo of unemployment within Pakistan.

Startups in Pakistan are maneuvering the entire rotten business concepts and pumping the economy boost with the most creative, useful yet productive business ideas. Small business ideas are delivering the integral and rightful impact on the financial structure of Pakistan. There is no occupation which has not been implanted with unique ideas and government and other financial strong bodies are being engaged in investing in the startups. We have discussed the most popular names which were initially known as a startup, however, they have been turned into the highest revenue generating businesses.

Top 50 Most Successful Startups in Pakistan:

We have selected the top 50 Most valuable startups in Pakistan. We have listed out the startups based on Innovation, Growth, Potential Market, Social Impact, Revenue, and performance in Pakistan.

11. darazRank 1: Daraz

Founder: Muneeb Maayr

Category: Ecommerce

Year Found: 2014

Description: Daraz is a biggest online shopping store in Pakistan providing a wide range of apparel, fashion, mobile, books and electronic products etc. in all major cities of Pakistan. This startup was acquired by Rocket Internets.

Pakistani top Job portal Startup

Rank 2: 

Founders: Monis Rehman

Category: Job Portal

Year Found: 2007

Description: Rozee is Pakistan’s Biggest Job Portal where companies list their Jobs and Job seekers can directly apply by making their accounts on this website. More than 60,000 local companies are using rozee for jobs advertisements.

Pakistani top Startup PakWheelsRank 3: PakWheels

Founders: Hanif Bhatti

Category: Automotive

Year Found: 2003

Description: Pakwheels is Pakistan’s Biggest automotive classified website which provides online service to users to buy and sell cars online in Pakistan.

Pakistani top Startup Zameen.comRank 4: Zameen

Founder: Imran Ali Khan, Zeeshan Ali Khan

Category: Property Portal

Year Found: 2006

Description: Zameen is Pakistan’s No.1 Property Real Estate Portal Website which provides online Service to the Property Buyer and Seller in Pakistan. 

Pakistani Top Startup Wifigen

Rank 5: Wifigen

Founder: Bilal Athar

Category: Internet Solutions

Year Found: 2014

Description: This Pakistani startup provides innovative Internet solutions to the businesses and customers. This startup is now a multi-million dollar company valued at $1M by a U.S investor.

12. kaymuRank 6: Kaymu

Founder: Ahmed Khan

Category: Ecommerce

Year Found: 2013

Description: Kaymu is second biggest online shopping marketplace in Pakistan which was originally founded by Ahmed khan as but in 2013, this was acquired by rocket internets.

Pakistani top Music Startup Patari

Rank 7: Patari

Founder: Khalid Bajwa, Humayun Haroon, Iqbal Talaat, Faisal Sherjan

Category: Music

Year Found: 2015

Description: Patari is the largest music streaming Website startup from Pakistan which provides a big collection of Pakistani Music and also receives US$200,000 seed funding in 2016.

Pakistani top app based Startup Slide app

Rank 8: Slide App

Founder: Junaid Malik

Category: Advertisement 

Year Found: 2015

Description: Slide is a Reward based Lockscreen Mobile app. All you just need to read the content when you unblock your home screen and in return, you will get free mobile recharge.

Pakistani Top agriculture Startup CowlarRank 9: Cowlar

Founder: Umer Adnan

Category: Agriculture

Year Found: 2015

Description: Cowlar is Pakistan’s first agriculture startup which helps farmers increase milk yields. This startup won 1 Million Pakistani rupees after winning the best startup title in Pakistan Startup Cup.

Pakistani Top Startup ConvoRank 10: Convo

Founder: Faizan Buzdar, Sabika Nazim

Category: Business Suite

Year Found: 2013

Description: Convo is a virtual office software helping business leaders by providing fast and smarter communication between the employees across different locations. This Pakistani startup raised $5M funding from Morgenthaler Ventures.

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