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6 Lessons Pakistani Entrepreneurs can Learn From Taher Shah

High five to the confidence of this guy, who, despite being heavily carped and criticized, does what, pleases him.  The much teased and mocked guy across the nation lives to his Guts. He is Taher Shah.

Taher Shah, the most talked about and socially mortified man after his latest song release of “Angel”, actually gets to his credit,  around 3 million likes on YouTube within 3 days of the song release and some 2 million followers on the social media.

Latest release; Angel

The song video shows him dressed in bathing gown look-alike robes in plum and turquoise shades, in two simultaneous changes. The singer strolls around a lush green yard, where he sings a self-scripted English song in Urdu accent. From his get-up to his gestures and lyrics, he has been made a joke on all his doings in the video.

Entrepreneurial Lessons

Now, important is not how witty are the memes that are being posted around the social media about him. Important is, how he was treated and attacked the same way Some 3 years earlier, when he launched his first song,  “eye to eye”. And how, he still manages to launch another song, more willfully, much more glamorously and not to forget, much more leisurely.

His attitude holds a remarkable teach for the entrepreneurs. Let’s have a look on what his attitude has to educate about being successful entrepreneurs.

1. Being & Believing in Yourself is an Asset

Taher Shah portrays a live example of being himself where everyone else is actually taken.

He was criticized for his hair and his looks in his first eye to eye video song. We had people talk ill about him from his appearance to his song words and facial gestures. . He has unapologetically been himself. He moved on with himself

In response in to all the criticism, he stayed calm. He appeared in many of the than live shows in the same appearance then and now launched another song, in the very same get-up. Rather, the latest launch of his video song “Angel” was embellished with much more of his self desired get-up.

2. Adopt Optimism as the Best Growth Medicine

Taher Shah paid no heed to the useless disapprovals. He stuck to his vision of glamour. Rather than driving backwards or making a U-turn, we have seen him move on. He believed in himself, he used his talent as his plus point no matter what and he uniquely stands on what he desired to do. A lot of us, who heavily criticized him still, have not discovered ourselves and this guy takes a profound lead with 3 million plus likes from across the globe. His video songs have been managed and directed by his own self. His positive and optimistic views have taken him a long way from being a singer to being director.

3. Staying Grateful is a MUST of Success

While a lot of us stay busy multiplying our burdens, Taher Shah has moved on counting on his blessings.

From either of his videos, he is seen smiling, content and swinging cheerfully to his own beats.  In his second video song “Angel”, he hires a female model regardless of her suitability as a video model. He portrays drama and story of his will in each of his video releases. He is seen enjoying his own work. His attitude greatly shows that gratitude is the keystone to genuine wealth. His body language beautifully depicts the way he feels and expresses his progress towards his vision. He superbly enjoys the outcome of his mind and incorporates his ideas of liberty in either of the videos. He does what he feels good to adopt in logic of gratitude.

4. Stay Relentless and the Stop to Success is Your Way

Taher Shah has not given upon his dreams as a singer of his own mindset. He launched himself on a smaller scale in the year 2013. He got encountered with profound critics that could have otherwise altered any common man’s path. He focused on the need to keep going. He focused more on accomplishing his desire to play his mind out as a glamour star, which he did. He did not struck off because of the time it took for him to collect likes and followers on social media.  His attitude shows the insight that time would pass anyway, better get it weighted down with dreams. By the year 2016, he has another launch that multiplied his likes and followers.  Between the laughter of those who did not matter much for him, he achieved the milestone of getting searched on Google.

5. Heighted Tolerance of Ambiguity – Trait of Treat

Taher Shah has most importantly been seen as fighting the fear of humiliation. He rather can be termed as non respondent to fears at all. The ultimate entrepreneurial battle takes place on the brain fields, where your mind at times tells you to withdraw and focus on the life of ease where risks are no menu on the list. Taher Shah has been remarkably seen fighting the withdrawal option. He chose to get the same feed. He stays in the field, collects himself with smiles on every social appearance and re launches himself with more of his thoughts and colors 3 years later.  He avoids looking away and rather develops his control on the outcome.

6. Rule Breaking Should Add to Your Creativity

Where the mainstream saw him funny, Taher Shah actually attempted upon breaking the stereotypical image of English dialect for desi speakers. He has reinvented an ease in the accent of the English language.  He freely sung the English lyrics in his desi accent. He has added a creative phenomenon of expressing one’s self in the most desired way, breaking the stereotypical boundaries of talking in English language consciously. That greatly shows his conventional wisdom of breaking the social rules of no use that hurdle creative building.