KonBola app send Emergency alerts when you’re in trouble

Konbola is a Mobile application that can actually save your life by sending Emergency alerts. It send your current location to your contacts when you’re in trouble.

In today’s time and age, the biggest concern faced by most of the people living in the world is the security. As the extremism in the world has increased, people have started gaining benefits on the cost of the loss and harm of the others. The main reason behind this insecurity of the people be it related to their health or wealth is the fact that those who are unemployed, make sure that they get their hands on the money they want by causing harm to those who already have it. This is a phenomenon that is prevailing in the society and is also the main reason why people have started getting involved with burglaries and theft. If you go out on a walk in a comparatively isolated place, you might find it difficult to get back in the same manner as you went there. You will feel insecure and would have this fear of getting robbed while you will be walking in a good mood.

The advantages of the advancement of the technology:

The technology has advanced to a great level and has come up with a millions of ways through which it can help the people in getting their hands on a better lifestyle. Every day, a new invention is made or a new application is launched that makes the life of a human being much easier and content. Now, you can get done with a lot of tasks in a small period of time by using the application that is specified to help you for it. You can download as many application as you want to and the more the applications you have in your phone, the better will your lifestyle be. Now, the technology has worked to make your life secure. You can now make it possible to have a walk to far of places without having the fear of running into a thief and getting all your stuff robbed.

Konbola Mobile app and its specifications:

A new application has been launched recently that helps you escaping an incident where you and your belongings get in danger. If you are somewhere alone and think that you are unsafe, all you need to do is to use an application called Konbola. It is an application that has recently been launched but still has been downloaded by hundreds of people. By using this application, you can make your life much more secure and at the same time, if you are worried about your friends and family members, you can get them this application in their phones and you will never have to worry about their security.

How does it work?

The working of this application is really easy and straightforward. After you download this application, all you need to do is to add in some four to five phone numbers in it. These phone numbers should be of your friends and family that you trust on your life. If, in case, you feel like you are around some danger or you have a bad health, just click the power button for three to four times. Clicking the power button several times will help you out in sending an automatic message to the numbers you have saved in this application. The application works in handy is you are someone who has a really bad health and anything can happen at any time. In such situation, pressing the power button several times will actually help a loved one get to know that you are in a bad condition. This application can be used in all kinds of android phones. If you download this, it will surely help you in saving you from a lot of trouble that you might have to deal with in case you run into a burglar.

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