Jazz Kids Watch helps you to track your Kids – Specs, Price and How to Use it?

Mobilink Kids Watch - Specs, How to use and Price

Jazz introduced kid’s watch to monitor your child’s movement anywhere anytime at ease of sitting at home. This minimal gadget has a lot to say and explore. This watch will help the guardian to know the whereabouts of the concerned kid with instant connectivity and access. It has user-friendly features and comes in different colors to compliment child’s personality. You have to download the Android application to function this Jazz kid’s watch and for Apple users, there is a detailed procedure available on the Mobilink website. 

Features of Jazz Kids Watch:

Real-time tracking: This is the core feature which is the integral function of this watch. You can detect the location of your kid pin to pin with the help of using application. 

Make Calls: Application allows you to make calls to your kid’s Jazz watch to monitor his/her location. This watch has designed for the safety purpose and one can make calls to ensure the safety of his/her kid.

Tracking Backup: This Watch has an option to get the exact pin location of past 90 days which means it stores tracking history. 

Contact List: White numbers like Mother, Father, Brother and Sister can be stored in the device. There is a limit of up to 10 numbers stored within the device. 

Emergency call Button: A child can press the Emergency button in case of any emergency. This button is placed on the right top side of the watch. 

Remote Monitor: You can remotely monitor your child’s movement and can make calls.

Geofence: You can set danger/gray zones through application for safety measure so that it alarms when your child enter or leave that definite spot. 

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Remote Shutdown: You can turn off the Jazz Kid’s watch by sitting at home, restaurant, hotel, while shopping or anywhere you can access the watch application. 

Watch Taken Off: If kid mishandles the watch or if it removed, it will generate an alarm and you will get a notification through a watch application. 

How to Use Jazz Kids Watch?

When you unbox the watch, you need to perform following step by step method.

Step 1: Insert Sim

By the help of a watch ‘Manual’, you can insert the sim in the slot. 

Step 2: Activate your sim

Go to the nearest ‘Jazz Franchise’ to activate your sim. 

Step 3: Download the Watch App to your Cell Phone

You need to download the ‘Application’ to actually monitor the movement. Send “Reg” SMS to 6676 – you will receive the download link in the SMS.( For Jazz Users)

Step 4: Register Kid’s Watch on Application

You need to register on the application and the details will be shown after downloading the application. Once your account is activated, you can start monitoring your kid’s whereabouts. 

Mobilink Kids Watch Price in Pakistan:

The value of this watch is 3999/-PKR and you can get a free initial balance of 100 PKR. There are different rates for calls, messages and internet coverage. For more info, you can visit Mobilink website.