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Instacare – Pakistan’s first StartUp for Instant Healthcare Solutions

instacare - Pakistan's Best healthcare startup

InstaCare is a tremendous innovation in Pakistan’s Medical Ecosystem and is a comprehensive healthcare solution that is very first of its kind in Pakistan as its Pakistan’s First Instant Healthcare.

Pakistan is World 6th Largest country in Terms of Population and our population today is above 20 Crore and is increasing rapidly. But with the growth of this population medical facilities are becoming few, less and difficult to access. Today we are in a need of a solution that could help us in finding right doctors and connecting them with patients in a better and efficient way.

Here comes instacare.

With instacare we just not connect a person with a right doctor but also provide necessary tools to get instant medication.

Medical doctors can treat many non-emergency conditions like fever, cough, flu and migraine etc remotely with our live consultancy and video checkup facility.

A psychiatrist can treat their clients remotely and for paediatrics and lactation consultation mothers can now directly communicate with paediatricians without travelling at any moment.

Dermatologist and dentist and can provide initial consultation services remotely with instacare.

Instacare also provides a lot of tools to all medical facilities. Online appointment system, EMR and Practice management system features are also a part of it.  Being a doctor one can manage his appointments, medical records, prescriptions, documents and lot more.

A person can connect with any doctor on instacare. All you need is to schedule a video checkup if you want to get live consultancy or a regular checkup if you want to visit him physically.

Wristassist by instacare Pakistani healthcare startup

Wrist Assist by InstaCare:

Also, we have a wearable product under the hood of instacare that is our bands known as wrist assist. Wrist Assist helps a patient in collecting vitals. It’s just like a watch and this watch gives blood pressure monitoring, pulse rate monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, sleep monitoring, mileage and steps monitoring to see how much you walked or jogged and how much steps you take and it also connects with your phone and whenever you get a call on your phone it appears on the screen of this band to alert you while exercising and have even more features.