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Infographic: 8 Best Pakistani Healthcare Startups in 2018

Gone are the days when in Pakistan, people suffering from even minor ailments had to go through the hectic procedure of appointment booking and visiting the doctor. Going to a doctor in hospitals of Pakistan is always a nightmare. When you make it to the physicians and clinic after 2 or 3 hours of waiting outside, the busy doctor is always in a rush to check you properly and answer all your queries because he has to finish the never ending line of patients waiting outside for him.

Nowadays, the advent of information technology and the internet has made our lives very easy. Most of the tasks which were once considered to be very hectic are now done with a single click while sitting at your home. A similar case is that of medical sciences and health care facilities. The field of health sciences has made many advancements, and so many entrepreneurs have come forward who are doctors by profession, but they are using their entrepreneurial skills for the benefit of the common masses.

In the past few years, many digital healthcare startups have come forward in the market to provide medical services to the people with ease and comfort. Using these web and mobile apps, one can easily take the services of qualified doctors and ask health-related queries from them while sitting at their homes. To name a few, they are docthers, find my doctor, insulin monitor, training club, Health Wire, E-Novatrx, My Tabeeb, Sehat, Pharmapedia,  Trequant, and much more.

Best Healthcare IT startups in Pakistan:

Here is a brief introduction of the popular digital healthcare apps of Pakistan.

Best Pakistani Healthcare Startups

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