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Haseeb Qureshi negotiated a salary from $120,000 to $250,000 at Silicon Valley

Haseeb Qureshi Software Engineer at Airbnb

One of the main reasons why most of the people end up with a small amount of pay per month even though thy work hard in their workplace is because they do not negotiate about their pay at all. Most of us land up a job with the minimum amount of pay and are quite cool about the fact that we are being paid quite a low amount of money as compared to our potential. Most of us do not realize the fact that we deserve way more than what we get. However, one person who actually should be our role model in this term and we should follow his rules is Haseeb Qureshi. If you do not know who Haseeb Qureshi is, you need to start searching about him on the internet, as he might be the next person to inspire you to be better in your life. Haseeb Qureshi earns at least 250,000 dollars per year and he works at Airbnb. If you are an engineer, the fact that Haseeb is also a software engineer might make you feel better and would want you to work better in life. The best thing about him is that he did not end up on a small pay and ensured that he gets what he deserves and in the end, he actually got it.

Knowing your worth:

It is rather funny that there was a possibility of him settling in for a much lesser amount totaling to one lack twenty thousand dollars if he did not know his real potential. He was initially offered a job at Yelp. If he had taken that job, he would have had to lose all the extra money he gets paid now. The best thing about him is that he knew and had a strong feeling about himself that he is worthy of much more than that. Haseeb Qureshi is not only one of the best software engineers working at Airbnb and earning millions of bucks but he is also a great poker player. He has a degree in English as well and is quite a famous blogger alongside. This means that he does not focus on his work solely and has other interests too that keep him going.

Persistence is the key:

Just recently, he posted quite an interesting as well as influencing story on his blog post that gave a glimpse of his real life and told how he entered in his professional life. Along with that, it told how the hiring of the employees in the Silicon Valley occurs. According to him, the main thing that the people looking for a good job should have is the persistence and the acknowledgment of the fact that they are worth something big. He says that one of the major things that he learnt by hunting a good paying job is the fact that the employees do not want to lose you. if you know your value, negotiating with the prospective employee will surely help you getting your hands on a higher salary than what was offered to you initially.