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How to Handle Tough Interview Questions – Expert Advice

How to answer Tough Interview Questions
                                                                           Tough Interview Questions and Job hunting

Guest Post by: Injie Anis

If we had our way, we would have liked our prospective employers to hire us on the spot based on our CVs/resumes alone for interviews can be a literal drag. And interviews with tough questions are nothing short of a nightmare that becomes a terrible reality if we don’t answer them correctly or appropriately.

10 Tips to Handle Difficult Interview Questions:

Well fear not, my applicants.  This listicle will help you out. Be aware that these are general guidelines and not hard-and-fast rules as tough questions tend to vary in wording or in the answers that companies are looking for. But keeping even some of these in mind will help you answer those questions without any loss of face.

     1. Understand the question

A corny phrase whose importance hasn’t waned. The better you get the question, the better your answer will be.

     2. Take time to answer

At least take some 2 minutes to think over your answer. Answering at once poisons your interview while taking too much time will kill it. With this in mind, we come to the next point:

     3. Work on your ‘thinking’ face

This may sound strange here but this is very, very crucial. No fidgeting, squirming, scratching or a blank face. Look thoughtful, not terrified or apathetic. Practice this in front of the mirror and with someone who’s good at reading faces.

     4. Act cool, not nervous

A cliche that has stood the test of time. Being nervous is something that an interviewer will take advantage of. Being calm and collected is key to answer tough questions confidently.

     5. Do research beforehand

Researching the company will help you formulate answers to such questions better.

     6. Work on your answers

Tough questions come in all shapes and sizes and some are quite common so why not practice your answers in the mirror? After all, practice equals perfection.

     7. Get paid in real terms

Tough questions about pay have been cropping up lately. Should such a question like this arrive, give a realistic figure, preferable something with 3 zeroes in them.

     8. Your answers should contain butter in them

Tough questions are designed to see your worth to a company. So your answers should sound as though the company can go places if the take you on board.     

     9. Honesty takes you a long way

Tough questions are no place to fib! Interviewers can tell whether you’re blowing hot air. Hence an honest (not frank) will ensure you a shoe-in to the job of your dreams!

     10. When the going gets tough, get tougher!

Tough questions won’t go anywhere in your life. Certainly not from interviews. And the first few times will stump you. But why should you let them get you this way? Take it from me: grin, go out there and set a date with tough questions again. Your first few times may not go well but it gives you enough experience to tackle these questions so well you’ll be in your dream job in no time!