Fiverr introduced Online Dating app for Entrepreneurs & Freelancers

Fiverr online dating for entrepreneurs freelancers

Fiverr is an active website for entrepreneurs, shaping up the future of work. It was founded in 2010 with the aim to provide freelancer community to work online. Fiverr has the mission to shape the future of work, every day. It operates with the logo, ‘In Doers we trust’.

Marketplace here at Fiverr provides with best digital services at just a click, without any inconsistencies in services or prices. Customers can choose from a wide range of services from marketing, graphic design to music/video editing and copywriting. Whatever you have in your to-do-list, no matter what comes in your budget, you can choose the best option for you.

Fiverr has provided high-quality services to buyers and sellers in markets with its variety of services across less than 200 countries. One can find services based on his/her goals and desired deadlines. It’s quite simple, simplify your needs. Work is so professional here that it looks really amazing!

Fiverr is made to protect your peace of mind. It takes a lot of stress off you. It allows you to focus on your goals and have contented feeling. With its superb services, Fiverr has come a long way to introduce with a new app. If you are an entrepreneur, you can think about new ways to relax your routine. Looking for love, no time to focus on your love life, need a new way to date?

Fiverr Online Dating app for Entrepreneurs:

Fiverr now introduces its new online dating app for entrepreneurs, Fiverr Connect. No need to stress yourself now, make your love life efficient with this smart app. Fiverr will benefit you with its efficient services and will assist you totally how to have a love life with your business goals. Build your business, no longer any a headache in this matter. Fiverr has applied it’s smart business services to online dating also, its services will do hard work for lovers, cool way to focus on your business building side by side. Fiverr is responsible for providing matching to freelancers with buyers for years and now applying this in online dating app service.

 Find a perfect date according to your interests and needs, schedule it to your convenient time for both sides. No more worries about focusing on your business, just connect with Fiverr Connect. It will cater to your needs and will help lean entrepreneurs look for a suitable love.

Time is money. Take the first step, whatever your goals. Brace yourself up now. Don’t just dream, do it!

Thanks a lot for reading this article. This was just a prank by Fiverr on April Fool