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Facebook Profile Photo can now be a 7 Second Looping Video

Gone are the days when Facebook was the only obsession of the youth. Now, people have a number of social media applications that help them out in not only making their lives easier but it also provides them the right way of getting rid of the boredom. Now a days, if you are scrolling down through your Facebook wall and do not find anything exciting, you can easily move on towards a different application that will make it easier to spend your free time. Social media applications such as Snapchat, twitter, Instagram and Whatsapp are slowly and steadily taking Facebook’s place in being an exciting medium of entertainment. However, Facebook is no less. As soon as it starts smelling the boredom felt by people, it comes up with a feature that brings its loyal audience back. Time to time; Facebook keeps coming with features that are loved by the people. Be it the feature of editing your profile picture then and there on while uploading it or the feature of putting up your emotions as a status, Facebook has always come up with innovative ideas.

Something that no one else though of:

This time, Facebook has come up with something really pioneering and original. The feature Facebook has turned up with is the possibility of the user to upload a video as a profile picture rather than a picture itself. Now this feature is something that has actually stunned the people who love using Facebook. Adding up a video as something that defines who you are sounds like a really exciting idea. Moreover, the best thing about Facebook is that it doesn’t only come up with exciting ideas but launches them among the audience soonest possible. This social media platform rises up with different features for the Facebook users through iPhone and completely different features for those who use it on laptop. With the help of this new feature, you do not have to really on the old boring profile picture of yours but rather, you can upload a quirky and fun video that describes you in the best possible manner. It is basically a feature with the help of which a video having duration of seven seconds tells the stalker or a friend who you are!

Is it difficult?

If you are already aware of the vines, getting to know and understanding this profile video system shouldn’t be an issue for you at all. If you are not a tech-savvy person, you must have been thinking that you would never be able to set up a profile video of yours. You are probably wrong as this can be done by anyone. However, you need to move from your android phone or the laptop towards the iPhone and would have to open your application of Facebook from there. After you log in to your profile, you need to open the main page of your profile. In a similar way of applying the profile picture, you need to tap on the current profile picture of yours. Taping your profile picture will give your two options. One option will let you upload a new picture or a video while the second option will let you take and upload a new video or a profile picture. Now, you have the option of either uploading a video that you already have saved in your gallery or you can make a new one and upload it.

How to add Facebook Profile Video?

Making a new video is easy. All you need to do is to keep on pressing the capture button for seven seconds and you will be able to record a new video. This video can be edited but you need to ensure that it is just seven second long. If the video is longer than the specified duration, you will have to edit it and cut it shorter to make it of the appropriate length. After you are done with this process, you will be able to see your video on the place you were used to of watching your old profile picture.

The whole process:

People who are friends with you on Facebook will get a notification that you have uploaded a new profile video. This notification will surely get them excited and they would love to check it out. Simply taping on the video will let them open it and they will be able to view the complete video. The people who would see your video will also be able to comment on it. Moreover, if you want to keep your video safe from the random people, you can do that by changing the privacy setting of your video. Changing it from public to friends will surely help you in staying miles away from the creepy stalkers.

Some other features:

The video profile thing is not the only thing that has been added by the Facebook in its new update. Now, you can also come up with a short bio that you can put up on your profile and that will help your out in making people familiar to who you are you. You can come up with something really exciting to out up as your bio. Along with that, another update that your favorite social media platform has come up with is the possibility of choosing some featured pictures. These pictures will be features on the top of your profile. You can select your most favorite pictures as your features photos and they will define your online life.

In a nutshell:

Facebook has always come up with features that excite its users to the core. Along with keeping the users glued to this app, coming up with new and exciting features has become the need of the hour for Facebook. If it doesn’t keep on coming with features that will excite the users, it might soon get lost in the past. You might think it’s not possible but it certainly is! We have the example of orkut which decided not to move with the pace of the time and ultimately, it had to get extinct from the face of the social world!

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